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 hostname -f hostname -f
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +On Solaris, changing a hostname/IP is a bit different. The hostname of the system is contained in /​etc/​hostname.<​interface>​. If your primary interface is hme0, your hostname (not FQDN) would be in /​etc/​hostname.hme0. That hostname also needs to needs to be in /​etc/​inet/​ipnodes. Solaris finds the corresponding IP in those files and then assigns it to the appropriate interface. Once you've changed the config files, you can either run '​svcadm -v refresh network/​physical'​ or reboot.
 +Note that if your network does not use the default netmask for its class, you will need to enter the network address and netmask in /​etc/​netmasks. ​
 +Solaris sets the default router in /​etc/​defaultrouter.
 ===== Firewall ===== ===== Firewall =====
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