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-====== Presentations ====== 
-This is an area to work on upcoming presentations,​ and perhaps to brainstorm ideas and archive past presentations. 
-===== Ideas ===== 
-Please use this section to list ideas for future presentations. If you see something here you would like to give a presentation on at a meeting, put your name next to it and start working on it. 
-===== In Progress ===== 
-These are presentations that are currently being worked on. The primary/​lead presenter should be listed next to each item, and each presentation should go on its own page. 
-  * [[presentation/​blogs | Blogs and RSS Feeds]] by Craig Buchek (scheduled for August 18, 2005) 
-  * [[presentation/​ajax | Modern Web Design: XHTML, CSS, Unobtrusive JS, AJAX]] by Craig Buchek (scheduled for October 20, 2005) 
-==== Comment ==== 
-Weren'​t Carl and I going to finish up the DHCP/​Dynamic DNS and Solaris 10 presentations in August? ​ 
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