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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - February 2007

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
(at Old Olive and Olive),
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • February 7, 2007
  • 6:30 pm -


  • Firstname Lastname

Secretary Report

Treasurer Report

From Description Amt
Mike KrizMembership 50
Stan ReichartMembership10
Book SalesTotal60
S3Sponsorship 250
Bank balance as of 1/31/07 $ 1,074.75
Pending Deposits 0
Pending AP 0*

* Still have not received final bill from Wash U yet.

Book Sales Report

  • CY 2006
  • January 2007

Membership Report

  • Attendance for January 2007
    • 3 Jan STEERC - 4
    • 10 Jan SLUUG - 26
    • 16 Jan SOLARIS - 3
    • 18 Jan STLLUG - 15
    • 23 Jan HZWLUG - 9
    • 24 Jan SECURE - 10
    • 25 Jan STCLUG - 12

Mailing List Report

  • Current Structure
    • Majordomo packages is used for bulk mailings
    • Two main mailing lists are ANNOUNCE and DISCUSS
      • ANNOUNCE is intended for low volume
        • Monthly Newsletter
        • Events For This Week
        • Quick Announcements and Corrections
      • DISCUSS is for general participation
      • Two other lists are STEERCOM and SYSADMIN - for making soap
      • Other miscellaneous lists - USERS for announcements to BBS users
  • Mailing list messages are archived
    • Except ANNOUNCE and USERS
  • Some current mailing list subscriber numbers (approximate):
  • Current Activities
    • No Editor means no newsletter
    • Weekly mailing of "Events For This Week" continues by Stan Reichardt
    • Effort to automate EFTW process not finished
    • Refinement of process has cut production time in half compared to 6 months ago
    • A draft of upcoming monthly calendar is posted to STEERCOM mailing list
    • No List Administrator means no handling of user questions or subscription problems
  • Anticipating monthly calendar on revised SLUUG website

Nominations Report

  • Nominations needed for February elections
  • Stan R. and Gary M. are on the nominating committee.
  • If no updates, names placed on ballot will be arbitrary.

Presentation Review and Comments

January 2007

SLUUG - Jan 10

  • Base: Coping with Spam Using Filters - Carl Fitch
  • Main: Certified Ethical Hacking by Mark Russell of Premier Knowledge (via Lee L.)

SOLARIS - Jan 16

  • Main: Basics of ZFS File System by Jeff Muse
    • Was originally scheduled for December
    • Will include coverage of snapshots (in case you didn't get enough at the last LUG meeting).

STLLUG - Jan 18

  • Main: Floppy Disks by Stan Reichardt
  • Last minute topic, nobody else volunteered.
  • Updated a presentation that was given about 2 years ago at HZWLUG meeting
  • Discussed next month having volunteers do 10 minutes of Tips, Tricks at the keyboard

HZWLUG - Jan 23

  • TOPIC: Floppy Disks by Stan Reichardt
  • Got about half way thru slides. Lots of questions and discussion.


  • TOPIC: Security Certifications by Stan Reichardt
  • Discussed February conflicts and decided to cancel February meeting.

STCLUG - Jan 25

  • TOPIC: Filtering Spam with Postfix by Carl Fitch.

Presentation Schedule

February 2007

SLUUG - Feb 14

  • WARNING: Valentines Day - Might reduce attendance
  • Back-to-back meetings this month with SLUUG - STLLUG
  • HZWLUG meeting will NOT be on 13 Feb as previously anticipated
  • EVERYONE: Was to line up 2 presentations for Lightning Talks
  • TOPIC: Lightning Talks are usually done in February at SLUUG
  • Official annual SLUUG business meeting
  • Election balloting

STLLUG - Feb 15

  • Back-to-back meetings this month with SLUUG - STLLUG
  • Election balloting
  • TOPIC: Lightning Talks

SOLARIS - Feb 20

  • Election balloting
  • Hands-on: Installing virtual machines, and using new Solaris process management tools (TENTATIVE)

STCLUG - Feb 22

  • Election balloting

HZWLUG - Feb 27

  • HZWLUG meeting will NOT be on 13 Feb as previously anticipated
  • Temporary change of location to Bridgeton Trails Branch Library.
  • This necessary due to StLC Library Branch scheduling conflicts
  • Election balloting (Last chance to vote at a meeting!)


  • Clarence Johnson can't be there and too difficult to try to get building access.
  • Ateendees agreed to forego having February meeting.
  • Therefore no meeting this month.

March 2007

SLUUG - Mar 14

  • Base: Matthew Porter - Zimbra as an Exchange Replacement
  • Main: TBD.

STLLUG - Mar 15


SOLARIS - Mar 20


STCLUG - Mar 22


HZWLUG - Mar 27

  • Temporary change of location to Bridgeton Trails Branch Library.
  • This necessary due to StLC Library Branch scheduling conflicts


  • TOPIC: Extraordinary SSH Use by Carl Fitch

April 2007

SLUUG - Apr 11

  • Base: TBD.
  • Main: TBD.

SOLARIS - Apr 17


STLLUG - Apr 19


HZWLUG - Apr 24

  • Back at the regular Prairie Commons Branch Library location.



STCLUG - Apr 26


Lightning Talks

  • Everyone was to line up 2 presentations for Lightning Talks

………I hope others are getting some talks lined up because I have NOT! -Gary

Potential Presentations

  • Carl Fitch sent cleaned up list to DISCUSS to generate interest.


  • Effort should be directed to find new sponsors.
  • No effort means No new sponsors

Dial-up Line Removal

  • Has WU cancelled lines?
  • Gary was to follow up on cancellation of WU phone lines.

System Administration

  • Barry was supposed to talk to John Hodge about assisting with installing more AIX disk space.
  • Not yet able to talk to John Hodge, hopefully next week or so.
  • DarkUnderlined Text
    • Still having crashes due to hardware failures, averaging every other day now. Need to quickly move to new systems or replace dark's hardware. Gary predicts failure rate is increasing and will be more than once a day by end of month February. DEAD in/before APRIL!Italic TextUnderlined Text

This project needs emergency priority!Italic TextUnderlined Text

                             The history:
                              Feb = every other day (therefore project 15-20 this month)
                              Jan = 10 times
                              Dec = 6 times
                              April thru Oct = 13 failure in 7 months  (i.e. 2 times per month)
                              prior to April = 5 months between failures (i.e. Oct. '05)
             Gary will ask Allen @ Wash U if heat may be a problem!   Considering University holidays for

lack of AC, change of seasons,…this does look like a familair calender. Gary will ask Mike if he knows of any temp sensor.

  • Michelob
    • Volume of mail stabilized once graymilter was activated.
    • Michelob depends on NFS filesystem from Dark!!! See above emergency!
  • Bud
  • Budlight
  • WhatEverItIsNamed?

Server Migration Project

  • Anything new?

Website Library

  • Stan R. and Ted P.
  • No presentation uploads yet - waiting for migration
  • No migration means no progress this month.

Other Old Business

  • What else was done?

New Business

  • Always more to do.

Blue Sky

  • What else do we want to consider?

Follow-up and Action Items

  • person - task
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