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Current project:

Here are our current build documents:

Here's the order that the build should generally proceed:

  1. Hardware -- description of the hardware configuration
  2. Debian -- base OS installation and configuration (including hard drive partitioning)
  3. Solaris -- base OS installation and configuration
  4. Firewall -- we're using Shorewall to configure iptables
  5. SSH -- a more secure remote access method
  6. Sudo -- a good way to allow users to run commands as root
  7. Misc -- miscellaneous packages installed
  8. Security -- security changes to base installation (primarily SSL certificates)
  9. IMAP -- Courier IMAP email access
  10. Mailing Lists -- mailing list server (Mailman) and web archival (Pipermail)
  11. Users - how to add/migrate users to the new systems
  12. MySQL -- database required by most Open Source projects
  13. Postfix -- email transport (SMTP MTA)
  14. SpamAssassin -- spam filtering
  15. Apache -- installation and configuration of Apache web server, including PHP, virtual hosts, etc.
  16. Logging -- what is logged, to where, reports, and to whom
  17. DNS -- caching-only name server (using BIND 9 in a chrooted environment)
  18. NTP -- Network Time Protocol configuration
  19. Backups -- how we back up our important data
  20. Domain Names -- how authoratative DNS for SLUUG.ORG is handled (hosted externally)uild
  21. Private Network -- how our private network at Primary is configured

The following are works in progress:

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