SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - May 2007

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


The Bread Company's wifi access was down, so we had to move this month to:

Omnitec Corporation
PO Box 411010
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • May 2, 2007
  • 7:00 pm - 8:40 pm


  • Gary Meyer
  • Lee Lammert
  • Carl Fitch
  • Patrick Bellinger
  • Craig Buchek

Secretary Report

  • Secretary is catching up with things.

Treasurer Report

  • Bank balance as of 3/31/2007: $1,371.49
  • No pending deposits.
  • Expenses:
    • New Sign (1'x6'): $ 50.00
  • Still have not received final bill from Wash U yet.

Book Sales Report

  • Book sales were not done due to illness.

Membership Report

  • Attendance for April 2007:
    • Apr 4 - Steercom: 3
    • Apr 11 - SLUUG: 22
    • Apr 17 - Solaris: 18
    • Apr 19 - STLLUG: 18
    • Apr 24 - HZWLUG: 8
    • Apr 25 - Security: 7
    • Apr 26 - STCLUG: 6

Mailing List Report

  • Some current mailing list subscriber numbers (approximate):
    • ANNOUNCE - 917
    • DISCUSS - 184
    • STEERCOM - 32

Presentation Review and Comments

April 2007

SLUUG - Apr 11

  • Base: Handcrafting Weekly Events with VIM by Stan Reichardt
    • Due to some earlier conflicts set up and start were delayed.
      • Internet connection was not attempted.
    • No slides were harmed during this session.
    • This was a live demo of VIM techniques used to build ANNOUNCE Weekly Events mailing.
    • Some interesting issues due to incorrect file permissions - got a few laughs.
    • Had been better at the previous STCLUG; was distracted by technical difficulties.
  • Main: ZFS by Jeff Muse
    • Very good. Good to have an advanced/enterprise topic.

SOLARIS - Apr 17

  • TOPIC: Live Upgrade by Jeff Lugullo
    • First meeting held at Sun's office building.
    • Turn-out is improving dramatically.
    • Good. Very detailed. Based on swapping virtual machines -- good idea.

STLLUG - Apr 19

  • TOPIC: Some New Linux Distros hosted by Stan Reichardt
    • Jay Truesdale ended up doing much of the presentation.
    • Became "Using Distrowatch to Compare Distos".
    • Pretty good. Unstructured, but good group discussion.

Special Event - Apr 23

  • Richard Stallman lecture at UMSL.
  • TOPIC: Goals of the Free Software Movement.
  • SLUUG and all SIG web pages carried announcement blurb with link to PDF flyer and maps.
  • Event was added to the April calendar and appeared in ANNOUNCE Weekly Events.
  • Additional ANNOUNCE blurbs were sent out by Gary Meyer.
  • Event was posted to and by Stan R.
  • Per RMS's objections, we did not have a table for fliers, or signage.
  • Attendance was estimated at 250-300.
  • Generated lively conversation on our DISCUSS list afterwards.

HZWLUG - Apr 24

  • Back at the regular Prairie Commons Branch Library location.
  • TOPIC: Using DSL Grub to chainload other Linux Distributions
  • Demo: A little of Ubuntu and DSL distros


  • TOPIC: Extraordinary SSH Use by Carl Fitch (re-scheduled from last month)
  • UMSL lab set up was using Red Hat 7.2 which didn't play well with Carl.

STCLUG - Apr 26

  • TOPIC: How To Create a UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD) bootable CD by Carl Fitch
    • Very good.
    • Includes Windows BartPE and Linux both bootable from CD.

Presentation Schedule

May 2007

SLUUG - May 9

  • TOPIC: How To Create a UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD) by Carl Fitch
    • Reprise of last month's STCLUG presentation.
    • People can follow along if they bring their own Windows XP installation disc.
      • Can use an OEM recovery disc or Windows Server 2003.
    • NOTE: This will be an extended topic -- no separate tutorial.

SOLARIS - May 15


STLLUG - May 17

  • TOPIC: Ubuntu GNU/Linux (tentative)
    • Need to find a presenter. (Carl suggested Jay Truesdale)
  • Craig will be out of town. Need someone to run the meeting.

HZWLUG - May 22

  • The HZWLUG meetings thru November are now listed on
  • Experimenting with listing. Only submitted May meeting.
  • Uncertain if Stan R. will be in town for this meeting.


  • TOPIC: TBD by Chris Byrd

STCLUG - May 24


June 2007

SLUUG - June 13

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: Building a Bootable USB Drive for Troubleshooting by James Campbell
    • People can follow along if they bring their own laptop and 1 GB USB memory stick.

SOLARIS - June 19


STLLUG - June 21

  • TOPIC: Programming Micro-Controllers with Linux by Jason Burke (confirmed)

HZWLUG - June 26


SECURITY - June 27


STCLUG - June 28


July 2007

SLUUG - July 11

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: Basic GIMP Usage by Scott Nesler (tentative)

SOLARIS - July 17


STLLUG - July 19

  • TOPIC: Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About HDTV by Craig Buchek

HZWLUG - July 24


SECURITY - July 25


STCLUG - July 26



  • Added EPC to sponsors lists.
    • EPC graphic will appear randomly on front page.
  • Recognition of extended membership levels has not yet been done.
  • Effort should be directed to find new sponsors.
  • No effort means no new sponsors.

System Administration

  • Dark keeps crashing.
  • Waiting for it to not come back up.

Server Migration Project

  • Carl and Craig to meet at Lee's on May 9 to work on migration.
    • Compare notes on Postfix configuration.
    • Install and configure Drupal for multiple web sites.
      • Integrate Drupal module for Mailman.
    • Integrate SpamAssassin into Postfix.
      • Compare configuration with Dark.
    • Verify Postfix delivery to IMAP server.

Website Library

  • Stan R. and Ted P.
  • No routine presentation uploads yet - waiting for migration.
  • No migration means no real progress this month.

Other Old Business

  • none

New Business

  • Lee asked whether we should buy $100 worth of ink pens with our name on it.
    • Members can get 2 for $1 donation.
    • We can hand them out at conventions.
    • Should have our name and URL.
    • Also add a slogan: UNIX, GNU/Linux, Open Source
    • Unanimous support for spending $100 for 250 pens.

Blue Sky

  • anything up there?

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Craig - print out previous minutes.
  • Craig - finish up work on email server.
  • Craig - get people to test using IMAP to connect to Bud from their email clients.
  • Carl and Craig - get together to work on new servers.
  • Gary - get Sun Netra T1/105 (1U) boxes from Craig, and install them at Primary.
  • Lee - provide power, food, and drink for those working on servers.
  • Carl - STCLUG Web site still shows March topic.
  • Clarence - Update Security UG web page.
  • Clarence - Inform us of upcoming topics.
  • Jeff/Jeff - Update Solaris UG web page.
  • Jeff/Jeff - Inform us of upcoming topics.
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