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Domain Names

We now maintain authoritative DNS records on our own systems, but have BuddyNS slaved off of us to serve all queries from the Internet. This page documents how we do that and where our domain names are registered.

Names We Own

We own the following domain names:

  • STCLUG.ORG (currently registered somewhere else, I think)

If we get off our butts, we should also own:

Domain Registration

Our domain names are registered at Dotster.

We have the registrar pointed at BuddyNS's name servers:


Craig Buchek and Gary Meyer have the account info for Dotster. If you can't find it, you can have them email it to our domains account.

Domain Name Records

Since DynDNS bought out the remaining free web-based DNS providers in 2011, we have moved to hosting our own domains.

BuddyNS provides secondary DNS services for us, and we have our domains configured so that queries from the Internet only go to the secondaries. The secondaries periodically query our primary DNS server (on Amber) for updates. See our DNS page for details.

Craig Buchek and Lee Lammert have the account info for BuddyNS. If you can't find it, you can have them email it to our treasurer account.

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