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Hello. This is the Wiki part of the web site. Please note that this site is not yet for production use. But we're having a lot of fun with it, and adding some good content. Feel free to join in and help improve things.

Build Docs

We're documenting how we built this server, in order to re-build it at a later date (like if we get a better server to replace the one we're using now), or a backup.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (STEERCOM) is where we make our decisions. The meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month. The MINUTES of the meetings are probably what you want to see.


We're looking into the prospect of defining some membership privileges for various "levels" to encourage donations to our group. Please help us brainstorm on the membership page.


We're experimenting with "building" some of our presentations via this Wiki. Feel free to contribute.


Here's a list of stuff that SLUUG owns that we've got stashed away in various locations. Please contact us if you have any use for any of it.


Here's the wikified version of the monthly planning calendar that Stan creates every month. The sample shown was created last year, in March 2005. Stan will update when he gets a-round-to-it.

That's fairly easy to update, but we're going to look into a few other web-based calendar programs. The ideal candidate would also publish the events in iCal format, so people could import it into their desktop calendar programs.


Here's the working copy of the next month's newsletter.


Let's build a SLUUG FAQ.

ACL Testing

This section is just so I can test DokuWiki ACLs.

Files in the private namespace should only be readable if you're logged in as admin.

Files in the readonly namespace should readable by anyone, but only writeable by admin.

Old Junk

Thanks for checking the site out. I P really like DokuWiki. It looks nice, and it's really easy to use. I wish the PHP code was a little better written. But he's improving it quickly, and the code isn't that bad.

We need some links to test this thing out!

We need to point to the DokuWiki syntax somewhere in our "chrome". Doh! It's right up there in the header of the edit page. I guess they thought of everything. Except to make it open in a separate window if I've got that feature disabled for the site itself.

– Craig

LDAP Study Group

LDAP Study Group

This is where we are documenting the experience of the LDAP study group.

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