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This is a list of items SLUUG owns.

TODO: This was copied over from; it could use some wiki-formatting cleanup. We could also stand to go through the stuff and get rid of a lot of it. Like to WITS.


  • organize items into large groups: cables, cards, keyboards, mice, cpus, disk, monitors, whole systems, manuals, software, tapes, and junk.
  • figure out what works and recycle what does not
  • build complete systems from what works
  • install software on systems
  • connect systems together into a network
  • inventory what we have

List of Rich Siebel's items

  • lots of stuff - still sorting through it.
  • over a dozen pc keyboards
  • over a dozen a mice (mostly PC, but some Sun, DEC, other)
  • several x486s
  • lots of computer power cables
  • lots of misc. cables (serial, SCSI, terminal, ethernet, AUI, etc.)
  • big machines (old Suns, old DEC, X terminals)
  • lots of NICs (10bastT, 10base2, etc.)
  • some rack equipment (rack, rails, etc.)
  • Synoptics concentrators

List of Dave Mills' items

1 complete HP system (small 19" rack at Craig's brother's?)
5 - 6 RS6000's
??? tape drives
??? disks
disk Raid box
lots of "bricks"
2 Xyplex Maxserver 1608 - 8 port terminal server.

List of Mike Knight's items

(originally from

Complete units:

2 Wang 1414-LR - VGA monitor.  VGA only, not SVGA or multi-sync.
3 Bull BDS 3 - ANSI terminal.  Similar to VT220.  One has cracked case.
1 Honywell HDS5 - terminal.  Could be batch mode or sync communication,
  I couldn't get it to communicate in testing.
1 IBM FRU 36G054 - 2-1.2GB disk drives in a single full height enclosure.
  50 Pin edge connector, single-ended SCSI 1.
2 Synoptics Lattisnet 2810 - 12 port 10Base-T concentrator.
2 Xyplex Maxserver 1608 - 8 port terminal server.  Without flash card or
  CDROM, someone in SLUUG has them.  Gary has the second.
4 US Robotics Sportster 33.6k modems.


24 IBM FRU 44F7137 - Id "2-4" MCA X.25 card.
 4 IBM FRU 93F0377 - Id "2-R" MCA FDDI card.  MIC connector.
 3 IBM FRU 00G3368 - Id "2-1" MCA Ethernet card.  AUI and BNC connectors.
 7 IBM FRU 52G4894 - Id "3-7" MCA multiport serial card. 2 DB15 connectors.
 1 IBM FRU 71F1224 - Id "1-2" MCA Mono Video card.
 1 Unknown brand LSA2 - MCA Ethernet card.  AUI and 10Base-T connectors.
 2 3Com Etherlink 16 - ISA Ethernet card. 10Base-T.
 2 3Com Etherlink III - ISA Ethernet card.  AUI and 10Base-T connectors.
 1 Hayes Smartmodem 1200 - ISA 1200 baud modem card.
 1 Compaq 32 bit Netflex 2 - EISA Ethernet card.  AUI, 10Base-T, and DB-9.

Travan tapes:

3M TR-1 400MB: 44 used in box; 33 used, no box; 10 brand new.
3M TR-3 1.6GB: 15 used in box;  6 used, no box.

Cables and adapters:

6 0.3m V.35(F) to V.35(F)
1 1m V.35(F) to V.35(F)
1 2m DB15(F) to V.35(M) - V.35 4 port multiprotocol, p/n 71F0162.
5 6m DB37(F) to V.35(M) - IBM p/n 53H3928
6 11m DB25(M) to V.35(M)
1 8m DB25(M) to V.35(M)
4 3m DB37(M) to V.35(M)
5 3m DB37(F) to V.35(M)
8 4.5m DB15(F) to DB15(M) - IBM p/n 43G0937, for 128 port 8 wire cntlr
2 n/a DB15(M) Terminator - IBM p/n 43G0926,
1 11m AUI (M) to AUI (F) - Ethernet AUI extender.
2 6m AUI (M) to AUI (F) - Ethernet AUI extender.
1 1m AUI (M) to AUI (F) - Ethernet AUI extender. IBM p/n 02G7374
1 3m DB39(M) to Token Ring - IBM p/n 6339098,
1 2.5m DB15(M) to DB15(M)
3 0.3m DB25(M) to DB25(M)
1 0.3m DB25(M) to DB9 (F)
1 4m DB25(M) to DB25(F) - Bull CBL2101
18 17m DB25(M) to Micro DB9(M) - Bull HN B78146301
13 n/a DB25(M) to Micro DB9(M) - IBM 43G0465, CCITT V.42/EIA 232 adapter
4 n/a Memotec Interface Adapter Unit - V.35 to X.21, RS422, RS449.
1 box assorted power cords.

Non-SLUUG boxes I would donate if SLUUG could sell or use them:

5 IBM 9570-E61 - PS/2 Model 70. 386 PC, details TBD.
1 IBM PC/AT. 286 PC, details TBD.

List of WU's items

1 Xyplex Maxserver 1600 - 20 port terminal server.  With flash card.
1 IBM 7013-540 - Risc server, 32MB memory, ~5GB disk, Ethernet.
  Currently in use as michelob.

List of Don Ellis' items

2 Sparc 5
box SCSI disks (condition and size unknown)

List of Robert's items

  3 p166 - part of 
  1 p166 - on loan to SLUUG (Dec 1st, 2003) 
  1 bar-code laser scanner (needs power cord and instructions) 

List of Jeff's items

  Box of FCAL drives that fit the drive array connected to budlight

List of Chuck's items

NOTE: This stuff doesn't seem to actually be SLUUG's stuff; just stuff Chuck would be willing to get rid of.)

You folks have far more detailed inventories than I:

  numerous 10Base-2 Ethernet cards (ISA) 
  numerous 10Base-T or combo Ethernet cards (ISA) plus an EISA Compaq Ethernet card 
  numerous 486 boards w/procs and RAM 
  numerous I/O cards 
  numerous low end video cards, mostly ISA, some VLB 
  several SCSI drives of various capacities 
  several modems of various speeds, both internal and external 
  a few 3Com rack-mountable 10Mb 16 port hubs 
  1 working Laserjet Series II 
  1 Laserjet Series II that needs a new feed roller 

That's what comes to mind at the moment. Can easily loan/donate any of this for SLUUG use, or let me know if you need it for a non-profit group.

New Servers (bud/budlight)

  • Two Compaq 6400R located at Primary.
  • Each Compaq has dual power supplies, hardware RAID, 4x550Mhz CPU's, 4 SCSI HDD's (4G each?) and dual 10/100 NICs.
  • Someone (Ted Palmer, maybe?) donated a 10-meg hub. This should really be replaced by a 100-meg switch if we find a suitable replacement.
  • Update: The 10-meg hub was replaced by Carl, Jeff, and Jerry S. with a 100-meg switch which now has zero spare ports. We should figure out what happened to the hub and get it back to Ted.
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