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We're discussing possibly moving the STLLUG meetings to a different location. We're currently considering the following locations:

  • Indian Trails library (the current location)
  • Nick and Elena's Pizza (Overland/Woodson)
  • Thornhill library
  • The Corner Coffee Shop (Ferguson)
  • Screenz (Delmar)
  • Pirrone's (Florrisant)

We will NOT be moving to a new location unless it's an IMPROVEMENT over the library. Here are what I see as the requirements to do that:

  1. cheap or free (currently $10/month)
  2. open to the public
  3. commitment to our scheduled times
  4. seats at least 45 comfortably, preferably 60-75
  5. can be there from at least 6:00 to 9:00 PM, preferably at least 10:00
  6. centrally located, or not too far out
    • (near/inside 270, between 40 and 70 seems ideal)
    • I64 construction not in the way
  7. not too much distraction
  8. access to a VGA projector
  9. nothing that makes new/current members uncomfortable (like beer, maybe)
  10. professional environment (so companies feel like they can come)
  11. easy to give formal presentations (no low ceilings)
  12. power outlets – enough for audience members to use
  13. Internet access – access to all ports; wired and wi-fi preferred
  14. tables for laptops?
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