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mailcap is used for configuring applicatons to display MIME content. This is an example of a .mutt/mailcap file that has been tested on SLUUG systems. There are many commented out alternate lines for commands that are probably not available, but are included for reference.

text/html;                  lynx --force_html %s
#text/html;                  lynx --force_html --dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html
text/*;                     view

# Images
#image/*;                    xv %s
#image/*;                    display %s
#image/*;                    anytopnm %s | pnmscale -xsize 80 -ysize 50 | ppmtopgm | pgmtopbm | pbmtoascii ; copiousoutput

# Documents
#application/pdf;            xpdf %s
#application/pdf;            pdftotext %s; copiousoutput
#application/postscript;     gv %s
#application/postscript;     ps2ascii %s; copiousoutput
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