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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - February 2006

Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (at Old Olive and Olive)

Date / Time

February 1, 2006
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


  • Carl Fitch
  • Barry Morrison
  • Craig Buchek
  • Ted Palmer
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Gary Meyer

Secretary Report

  • Printed previous 3 months' minutes for signature and inclusion in Secretary folder.
  • New Wiki was applauded.

Treasurer Report

  • No report. Lee did not attend.

Book Sales

  • Sold 5 books at SLUUG general meeting.

Previous Meetings


 4 Jan STEERC  -  5
11 Jan SLUUG   - 16
19 Jan STLLUG  - 13 (17)
14 Jan HZWLUG  - 11
25 Jan SECURE  -  9
26 Jan STCLUG  -  7 (9)

Stan commented that this was the lightest turn-out in recent memory. There were no weather issues.

Comments on Presentations

January 2006

11 - UNIX
     Base: System Processes by Stan Reichardt (and maybe Gary Meyer)
     Main: Boot managers by Carl Fitch
           Really good.
19 - STL LUG
     Main: Exploring OpenOffice 2.0 Database by Stan Reichardt
24 - HZW LUG
     Main: Boot managers by Carl Fitch
           Less detail for newbies. Very good interaction.
25 - Security
     Main: Web Server Hacks and SSL by Clarence Johnson
           Too fast, but good.
26 - STC LUG
     Main: Exploring OpenOffice 2.0 Database by Stan Reichardt
           More interactive than the first time. 
           Answered some questions from first time.
           Covered what he wanted at each step, but ran out of time.

Presentation Schedule

February 2006

 8 - UNIX (balloting)
     Lightning Talks
16 - STL LUG (balloting)
     Main: Financial Apps (GnuCash, MoneyDance, KMyMoney, etc.) by Craig Buchek
22 - Security (balloting)
23 - STC LUG (balloting)
     Wireless Network Card Configurations (including ndiswrapper) by Carl Fitch
28 - HZW LUG (balloting)
     Patitioning and File System Hierarchy

March 2006

 8 - UNIX
     Base: KDE Control Center by Carl Fitch
     Main: (TENTATIVE) GeeXboX (bootable Linux for multi-media) by Mark Bergman (via Carl)
16 - STL LUG
22 - Security
23 - STC LUG
28 - HZW LUG

April 2006

12 - UNIX
     Base: TBD
     Main: TBD
20 - STL LUG
     Main: Ruby on Rails by Curt Hibbs
25 - Security
26 - STC LUG
27 - HZW LUG

Potential Presentations

  • CVS - Sanjiv, JT, Ed Howland
  • Secure Email - Dustin Anders/Paul Vinson (via Craig)
  • MythTV / Freevo / TiVo (via Sarah on the Perl list)
  • WiFi - Jerry @ OCI (via Gary)
  • InkScape - had a volunteer at a meeting, but said he need a few months

Old Business

  • Missouri Exempt status - (Carl Fitch and Lee Lammert, with help from Fred Smith's wife)
    • Carl has the forms. Working to finish filling them out. Will hand them off to Lee.
    • Gary will take forms to Rich McClennan to get help answering some of the questions.
  • See about O'Reilly bringing someone in to speak to our group(s).
    • Carl will follow up.

Election Committee

  • Committee members:
    • Stan
    • Gary
    • Rich
  • Stan has list of members posted.
  • Stan has written up the ballots. A few corrections will be made.
  • Open positions
    • 2 Board seats (Lee's and Stan's - 3 year terms)
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • STLLUG Chair
    • STCLUG Chair
    • Sponsorship Manager
    • Public Relations
    • Presentation Manager

Weekly Announcements

  • Stan is looking to somehow automate the announcements.


  • Stan received an email from Angela Trotter from Unidev, wanting to sponsor our group and post job listings.
    • Craig to follow up.
  • New form on sponsors page.
    • Compilation of SLUUG info brochure, with sponsorship info added at bottom.
  • Need to get info regarding previous sponsors.
    • Gary - Get Dave Mills together with Lee.

Website Librarian

  • Presentation topics as far back as 2003 have been listed.
    • Stan indicated that accuracy is not high, but will search additional notes.
    • Stan will continue listing prior years' data as time permits.
  • Stan to work with Ted Palmer to get presentations put up.
    • Ted Palmer volunteered to be the website libraian.
    • Ted's major emphasis will be to focus on getting the material from presenter.

System Administration

  • Recording of root passwords. Still need to be changed. Need to have passwords stored with President and Secretary.
  • BBS line reduction - Lee says that we're still paying for 6 phone lines.
  • Majordomo admin access.

PROJECT: New servers

  • Server were moved to Primary Networks on January 15.
    • People involved:
      • Lee Lammert
      • Craig Buchek
      • Jeff Muse
      • Ted Palmer
      • Gary Meyer
    • Had to get a hub from Ted's house to make it work.
      • We'd like to get a rackmount switch to replace it.
    • Things went relatively smoothly.
  • DNS was updated to point at new addresses.
  • This wiki ( can now be considered to be in production.
    • Stan added a link on the SLUUG home page.
  • Lee and Craig have badges for 24/7 access to the facility.
  • Other functionality of the systems is in progress.
    • If anyone wants an account to work on adding functionality, contact Craig or Lee.

Lightning Talks

  • Gary - Organize Lightning Talks. Respond to Robert on DISCUSS.
  • List of Talks
    • Barry Morrison - What Greybar Does
    • Robert Citek
    • Jeff Muse
    • Clarence Johnson - T3
    • Ed Howland
    • Carl Fitch
    • Craig Buchek

New Business

  • None.

Follow-up and Action Items:

  • Carl - Complete tax-exempt status paperwork.
  • Carl - Ask Mark Bergman to give presentation March 8.
  • Carl - Follow up with O'Reilly about bringing someone in to speak to our group(s).
  • Craig - Ask for presentation from Dustin Anders/Paul Vinson (March).
  • Craig - Follow up on email by Angela Trotter from Unidev, wanting to sponsor our group and post job listings.
  • Craig - Continue working on new servers.
  • Craig - Change root passwords on new servers. Send info to SYSADMIN. Tell folks how to use sudo.
  • Craig - Copy data to new servers. Update for next meeting.
  • Craig - Add bud/budlight accounts for StanR and Gary.
  • Gary - Organize Lightning Talks.
  • Gary - Get Dave Mills together with Lee to find info regarding sponsors.
  • Gary - Coordinate password changes. Have passwords stored with President and Secretary.
  • Gary - Add host file entries on dark and michelob for bud and budlight.
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