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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - March 2006

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (at Old Olive and Olive)

Date / Time

March 1, 2006
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


  • Carl Fitch
  • Barry Morrison
  • Craig Buchek
  • Ted Palmer
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Gary Meyer
  • Lee Lammert
  • Clarence Johnson

Election Results

Ballots were counted at the steering committee meeting. (Voting ran up to the Hazelwood LUG meeting the previous day.)

  • 2 Board seats (Lee's and Stan's - 3 year terms) Both were elected with 25 votes
  • President Carl 28
  • Vice President Stan 27
  • Secretary Craig 23
  • Treasurer Lee 23
  • STLLUG Chair Craig 25
  • STCLUG Chair Carl 2 Phil Bunch 2 Jim Roe 1 Jay Truesdale 1 Mike808 1 CFW1 1
  • Sponsorship Manager Clarence 1 CFW1 1
  • Public Relations Scott G 1 Kevin Shen 1 Mike808 1
  • Presentation Manager Ted Palmer 1 Gary Meyer 1 CFW1 1

Secretary Report

  • Need to type up minutes for official annual meeting, and print out previous months' minutes for signature and inclusion in Secretary folder.
  • Need to type up minutes for March 3 board meeting.

Treasurer Report

  • Currently working on pulling in 2002 data into QuickBooks.

Book Sales

  • No books were sold.

Previous Meetings


01 Feb STEERC  -  6
08 Feb SLUUG   - 37 (40)
16 Feb STLLUG  - 22 (23)
22 Feb SECURE  -  8
23 Feb STCLUG  - 10
28 Feb HZWLUG  - 7 (10)

Comments on Presentations

February 2006

 8 - UNIX
     Lightning Talks
       * (Early Bird Tour of Greybar Facilities)
       * Jim Leingang - Update on the Job Market
       * Jeff Muse - Shell Shortcuts (Speeding Up Your CLI)
       * Barry Morrison - What Greybar Does (Our Host)
       * Robert Citek - Using Knoppix with a Persistent Disk Image (PDI)
       * Clarence Johnson - Poetry Readings:
         - Unix Man (Nowhere Man)
         - What If Dr. Suess Did Technical Writing
         - Write In C (Let It Be)
       * Ed Howland - System logging with Syslog-ng, STunnel, SWatch and LogWatch
       * Craig Buchek - Intro to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
       * Jeff Muse - More Shortcuts (???)
       * Stan Reichardt - Outline to 100 Slides in Ten Minutes
       * Scott McKellar - Aargh - A Code Generator for Parsing the Command Line
       * Allen Rueter - Using Arrow Keys in VI Editor
   Comments: Good turn-out. Most of the talks were very good. 
             Need to brief presenters on what supporting hardware to expect.
16 - STL LUG
     Main: Financial Apps (GnuCash, MoneyDance, KMyMoney, etc.) by Craig Buchek
       Very Good. Could have answered some more in-depth questions.
22 - Security
     Hands On use of Knoppix STD Live CD by Jeff Ziesemann
       Very Good. Covered mostly Nessus.
23 - STC LUG
     Wireless Network Card Configurations (including ndiswrapper) by Carl Fitch
       Excellent. Covered a wide variety of cards. Answered lots of questions.
28 - HZW LUG
     Partitioning and File System Hierarchy by Stan Reichardt
       Very good.

Presentation Schedule

March 2006

 8 - UNIX
     Base: KDE Control Center by Carl Fitch
     Main: FreeNX and Friends by Jim Roe
16 - STL LUG
     Main: Blender by JT Moree (confirmed via Craig)
22 - Security
     Main: dd_rescue and dd_rhelp by Carl Fitch
23 - STC LUG
     Main: dd_rescue and dd_rhelp by Carl Fitch
28 - HZW LUG

April 2006

12 - UNIX
     Base: TBD
     Main: Wireless Network Card Configurations (including ndiswrapper) by Carl Fitch
20 - STL LUG
     Main: Ruby on Rails by Curt Hibbs (Craig needs to confirm)
27? - STC LUG
26? - Security
     TENTATIVE: Mark Bunn @ Fishnet (via Clarence)
25? - HZW LUG

May 2006

10 - UNIX
     Base: TBD
     Main: Web Services and the Google API by Jeff Heaton (Ted to confirm)
18 - STL LUG
     Main: TBD
24 - Security
25 - STC LUG
23? - HZW LUG

Potential Presentations

  • Secure Email (STLLUG?) - Dustin Anders/Paul Vinson (via Craig)
  • InkScape (STLLUG) - Mark Jarnowski volunteered (via Craig)
  • MythTV / Freevo / TiVo - (STLLUG?) - (via Sarah on the Perl list)
  • WiFi - Jerry @ OCI (via Gary)
  • CVS/Subversion - Sanjiv, JT, Ed Howland
  • Requests:
    • VPN (hands-on preferred, good for a Security meeting)
    • CVS for Config Files
    • Oracle Application Express

Old Business

  • Missouri Exempt status - (Carl Fitch and Lee Lammert, with help from Fred Smith's wife)
    • Carl has the forms. Working to finish filling them out. Will hand them off to Lee.
    • Gary will take forms to Rich McClennan to get help answering some of the questions.
  • See about O'Reilly bringing someone in to speak to our group(s).
    • Carl will follow up.

Weekly Announcements

  • Stan is looking to somehow automate the announcements.
    • Found his sed and awk notes.


  • Clarence and Stan will start working to gather information about previous sponsors.
    • Starting with information from the web site.
  • Lee spoke with Dave Mills. He said that Christine had the most recent info.
  • Stan received an email from Angela Trotter from Unidev, wanting to sponsor our group and post job listings.
    • Craig to follow up.

Website Librarian

  • Presentation topics as far back as 2000 have been listed.
    • Stan indicated that accuracy is not high, but will search additional notes.
    • Stan and Ted will continue listing prior years' data as time permits.
  • Stan working with Ted to get presentations put up.
    • Ted has gotten some of the older presentations gathered.
    • Ted's major emphasis will be to focus on getting the material from presenters.

System Administration

  • Gary said that Wash U will be removing SLUUG zone from their servers shortly.
  • Recording of root passwords. Still need to be changed. Need to have passwords stored with President and Secretary.
  • BBS line reduction - Lee says that we're now only paying for 5 phone lines, as of January.
  • Majordomo admin access.
    • Stan screwed up the permissions again. Mike Knight fixed them again.
    • Suggestion was to build new mailing list system on new servers.
    • Barry will investigate majordomo + webmin, and mailman.

PROJECT: New servers

  • Next step is to migrate web sites to new systems.
  • We need to meet to do the web servers, and discuss migration plans.
    • We'd like Mike Knight to be there, as he has the most experience, and knows our systems the best.
      • We'll work around his schedule.
    • March 12 and 18 are looking good for most of us.
    • Location to be determined. Possibly Computers and Things on March 18.
  • We need to use sudo as much as possible.
  • Craig has a 1U UltraSparc with Solaris 10 to donate and install at Primary.
  • We need some versa-rails to mount the servers.
    • Craig will go into Primary and measure the rack depth.
  • We could use a rackmount switch.
    • Carl has a 12-port rackmount hub he will donate.
  • Other functionality of the systems is in progress.
    • If anyone wants an account to work on adding functionality, contact Craig or Lee.

New Business

  • Stan proposed we clean house, and send any excess inventory to WITS.

Board Meeting

A board meeting was held from 8:30 to 8:42.

Follow-up and Action Items:

  • Carl - Confirm Mark Bergman to give presentation March 8.
  • Carl - Complete tax-exempt status paperwork.
  • Carl - Follow up with O'Reilly about bringing someone in to speak to our group(s).
  • Craig - Ask for presentation from Dustin Anders/Paul Vinson (March). - DONE (awaiting reply)
  • Craig - Ask Mark Volkmann and Jeff Barczewski if they can give a presentation/demo of Ruby on Rails. - DONE (awaiting reply)
  • Craig - Go into Primary and measure the rack depth.
  • Craig - Follow up on email by Angela Trotter from Unidev, wanting to sponsor our group and post job listings.
  • Craig - Continue working on new servers. Copy data over.
  • Craig - Change root passwords on new servers. Send info to SYSADMIN. Tell folks how to use sudo.
  • Gary - Coordinate password changes. Have passwords stored with President and Secretary.
  • Ted - Confirm Jeff Heaton for May 10.
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