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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - June 2006

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (at Old Olive and Olive)

Date / Time

  • June 7, 2006
  • 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm


  • Craig Buchek
  • Carl Fitch
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Tim Cross (first meeting – AIM Management, does monthly round-table discussions)
  • Barry Morrison
  • Ted Palmer

Secretary Report

  • Need to print out previous months' minutes for signature and inclusion in Secretary folder.
  • Need to finish typing up minutes for March 3 board meeting and official annual meeting.

Treasurer Report

  • No report.

Book Sales

  • Sold 7 books in May for about $94.
  • No new books ordered this year.

Previous Meetings


May attendance figures:

  • May 10 - UNIX - 37 (at least 4 new people)
  • May 18 - STL LUG - 15 (17 head count)
  • May 23 - HZW LUG - 7
  • May 24 - Security - 8
  • May 25 - STC LUG - 11

Comments on Presentations

May 2006

SLUUG - May 10
  • Base: Sudo and not su by Stanford Baldwin
    • Interesting. Good speaker. Could have used a bit more tech.
  • Main: Attacking Web Applications(Site Penetration Testing) by Mark Murdock and Scott Winter of Lantern Secure Solutions (via Ted)
    • Very good. Good overview of the topic. Brought several new people in.
STLLUG - May 18
  • Scheduled Main: GeeXboX / MythTV / HTPC by Mark Sims
    • Presenter did not show up - got cold feet.
  • Fill-in Presentation: Boot Process by Carl Fitch
    • Wasn't prepared, obviously, but winged it.
HZWLUG - May 23
  • Demonstration of Starwreck movie (first 5 minutes)
  • Demonstration of Elephant Dreams video done with Blender (first 5 minutes)
  • Demonstration of Fred Smith's tutorial on using Xandros (first 10 minutes)
  • Main Topic: Broken lock files (hands-on and slide-show of Ksnapshot screen captures with gwenview)
    • Pretty good interaction and participation. Sparked many questions and enthusiasm.
Security - May 24
  • Hands-on: Wireless Troubleshooting - Kismet & Other Diagnostic Tools by Chris Bird (Laclede Gas)
    • Excellent. Very knowledgeable speaker. Would be good to invite him to the SLUUG meetings.
STCLUG - May 25
  • Further Explorations with Ruby on Rails by Ed Howland
    • Very informative. Didn't get to cover all the topics thoroughly.

Presentation Schedule

June 2006

SLUUG - June 14

  • Base: Master Boot Records by Carl Fitch
  • Main: Secure Email by Dustin Anders and Paul Vinson of Slashmail (via Craig)

STLLUG - June 15

  • Main: SUSE 10 by Matt Skipton of Novell (via Lee)

STCLUG - June 22

  • TBD

HZWLUG - June 27

  • Newbie topics
    • Processes and the kill command

Security - June 28

  • TBD

July 2006

SLUUG - July 12

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: Novell SuSE in the Enterprise Space (Lee, TENTATIVE)

STLLUG - July 20

  • Installing Linux from a Disk Image by Carl Fitch

HZWLUG - July 25

  • Newbie Topics

Security - July 26

  • TBD

STCLUG - July 27

  • TBD

August 2006

SLUUG - Aug 9

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: something by Scott Granneman (TENTATIVE, via Gary)

STLLUG - Aug 17

  • Main: InkScape - Mark Jarnowski (TENTATIVE, via Craig)

HZWLUG - Aug 22

  • TBD

Security - Aug 23

  • TBD

STCLUG - Aug 24

  • TBD

September 2006

SLUUG - Sep 13

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: Search Engine Optimization and Web Services by Jeff Heaton (TENTATIVE, via Ted)

STLLUG - Sep 21

  • Main: TBD

HZWLUG - Sep 26

  • Newbie Topics

Security - Sep 27

  • TBD

STCLUG - Sep 28

  • TBD

Potential Presentations

  • Certified Ethical Hacking by Mark Russell of Premier Knowledge (via Tim Cross)
  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Exchange "replacement") - Matthew Porter volunteered (October?)
  • Perl Scripts to do DNA Genetic Research by Bryce Meyer from Wiltel/Level 3 (via Gary)
  • OpenVPN by Robert Citek
  • SELinux by Stan Reichardt
  • MythTV / Freevo / TiVo - (STLLUG?) - (via Sarah on the Perl list)
  • WiFi - Jerry @ OCI (via Gary)
  • CVS/Subversion - Sanjiv, JT, Ed Howland
  • Requests:
    • VPN (hands-on preferred, good for a Security meeting)
    • CVS/Subversion for Config Files
    • Oracle Application Express
    • How To Update Your System - apt, yum, yast, etc.
    • Music - Linux on iPod, iPod on Linux, Ogg, players, etc.

Weekly Announcements

  • Stan is looking to somehow automate the announcements.


  • Lee working to send out invoices to previous sponsors. ($200)
  • Clarence and Stan will start working to gather information about previous sponsors.
    • Starting with information from the web site.

Website Librarian

  • Presentation topics as far back as 1998 have been listed.
    • Stan will add listings for at least two more years.
    • Stan indicated that accuracy is not high, but will search additional notes.
    • Stan and Ted will continue listing prior years' data as time permits.
    • Stan will start adding some of the materials that are smaller.
  • Stan working with Ted to get presentations put up.
    • Ted not comfortable with librarian as a title, but the goal remains to gather the materials.
    • Ted has gotten some of the older presentations gathered.
    • Ted's major emphasis will be to focus on getting the material from presenters.
    • We anticipate HTML to be the most desirable format, followed by PDF.

System Administration

  • Mike Knight reported on a recurring rebooting issue with Dark.
  • Mike Knight reported on a recurring issue with one of the modems.

PROJECT: New servers

  • Configured SLUUG.ORG web site on new server.
    • Copied over all the data.
    • Configured a redirect back to old systems for user pages for short-term.
      • Will redirect to, which can remain in place after the full migration.
      • This will allow us to move the web site without having to move the users.
    • Need to determine how to do the mailing list sign-up pages.
    • Need to determine how to proceed with non-SLUUG sites we host.
  • Next step is to test the new site, before we point our production DNS there.
    • Make sure everything is there and working.
    • Make sure we copy over any updates from the old web site.
    • Make sure the redirect to user pages is working.
    • Make sure the SIG sites/pages work.
    • Get the mailing list sign-up pages to work.
  • Craig is working on email infrastructure.
    • He made some progress, but is not quite finished.
    • Got some input on how to proceed from the others.
  • We need some versa-rails to mount the servers.
    • Lee measured the depth of the rails - 28.5 inches front to back.
    • Need to be mounted on a Compaq 4U server.
  • Craig has a 1U UltraSparc with Solaris 10 to donate and install at Primary.
  • We could use a rackmount switch.
    • Carl has a 12-port rackmount hub he will donate.

Old Business

  • Missouri Exempt status - (Carl Fitch and Lee Lammert, with help from Fred Smith's wife)
    • Carl has the forms. Working to finish filling them out. Will hand them off to Lee.
    • Gary will take forms to Rich McClennan to get help answering some of the questions.
  • See about O'Reilly bringing someone in to speak to our group(s).
    • Carl will follow up.
  • Stan proposed we clean house, and send any excess inventory to WITS.
  • Craig needs to work to write up new membership info.
    • See last month's minutes for full details.
  • Gary sent email to reduce dial-up lines to 4.
  • Lee found a dial-up service at Primary Networks for $120/year.
    • This could be a fall-back if we can no longer provide that service.
    • We need to re-assess cost of phone lines at the end of this year.
  • Stan has removed many of our email aliases.
    • Most of them only collected spam.
    • Needs to make a few alias changes still.
    • Updated the contacts page.
    • Needs to make a few more changes to the web site still.

New Business

  • Craig proposes that a BBS Committee be formed.
    • They will ensure financial viability of the BBS.
    • They will report to Steering Committee on continuing viability at least quarterly.
      • Or else the BBS service will be canceled the following year.
    • If no committee is formed by interested parties, the BBS service will be canceled the following year.
    • Carl says that 12 people have used the dial-up over the past year.
      • Carl will inform all these current users about our plans.
    • Primary Networks offers dial-up service.
      • For $8/month, users can get basic dial-up.
      • For $10/month, users can get nation-wide dial-up.
      • Carl said it is an option to resell Primary's dial-up.
    • Despite notification that we'd discuss this, nobody who cares showed up.
  • We seem to be proceeding with dropping dial-up once the current term expires.
    • Gary seems resigned to letting go of the dial-up.
    • Gary has started the process of notifying current users.
  • Craig suggested that we may need to set procmail to delete spam of a certain rating.

Blue Sky

  • Carl suggested we remove the passwords from mailing list archives.
    • Craig thinks that Mhonarc does not strip email addresses from the message bodies.
    • Barry will look into stripping email addresses from bodies on new servers.
  • Stan suggested we hold the occasional meeting at some other location.
    • Or a joint meeting with some other group.
      • Java groups.
      • Web Developers.
        • LAMP would be a great topic.

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Carl - Complete tax-exempt status paperwork.
  • Craig - Get abstract/bio from Dustin Anders and Paul Vinson.
    • Tell them to spend at least half the time on client-side (PGP).
  • Craig - Print out meeting minutes for inclusion in secretary folder.
  • Craig - Continue working on new servers.
    • Recruit testers in preparation to move site.
    • Complete email configuration.
  • Craig - Write up info on membership levels for web site and hand-outs.
  • Lee - Get abstract/bio from Matt Skipton of Novell.
  • Lee - Finish QuickBooks transfer & financials.
  • Barry - Look into Webmin and Majordomo/Mailmain for new servers.
    • Need to be able to preserve the archives.
  • Ted - Get abstract/bio from Jeff Heaton and confirm date.
  • Gary - Talk to people about presentations (see above).
  • Tim - Contact Mark Russell about presenting at Security group.
  • Stan - Update web sites.
  • Stan - Upload presentations to web archive.
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