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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - July 2006

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (at Old Olive and Olive)

Date / Time

  • July 5, 2006
  • 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm


  • Craig Buchek
  • Carl Fitch
  • Ted Palmer
  • Chris Byrd
  • Stan Reichardt

Secretary Report

  • Need to print out previous months' minutes for signature and inclusion in Secretary folder.
  • Need to finish typing up minutes for March 3 board meeting and official annual meeting.
  • There was some dispute about what was decided at the Board meeting in April.
    • The wording that was agreed to was "proposed fee structure for accounts/memberships".
    • The proposed fee structure was listed as:
      • Level 1: $35 (basic/shell) Shell
      • Level 2: $65 (dial-up + shell) Sustaining
      • Level 3: $100 ("professional") Professional
      • Corporate Sponsorship: $200
    • Some are now saying that they only agreed to the $100 level.
    • May be a moot point if we re-do the structure when we disband the dial-up accounts.
    • Stan and Carl remember/understood it the way it was reported.

Treasurer Report

  • No report. Lee was out of town.
  • Says we will run out of funds by May if we don't stop paying for dial-up lines.
    • Has not provided data to back that up yet.
  • Current balance: $1350 (approximate)
  • Collected 1 $35 membership fee for 2006-2007.

Book Sales

  • Sold 4 books in June for about $45.
  • No new books ordered this year.
  • Stan suggested a fire sale to get rid of remaining inventory.
    • Also raffle off books at meetings as door prizes.

Previous Meetings


Attendance figures for last 3 months:

 5 Apr STEERC  -  5 ........  3 May STEERC  -  6 ........  7 Jun STEERC  -  6
12 Apr SLUUG   - 17 ........ 10 May SLUUG   - 37 ........ 14 Jun SLUUG   - 15
20 Apr STLLUG  - 20 ........ 18 May STLLUG  - 15(17)..... 15 Jun STLLUG  - 23
25 Apr HZWLUG  -  7 ........ 23 May HZWLUG  -  7 ........ 22 Jun STCLUG  -  8
26 Apr SECURE  -  8 ........ 24 May SECURE  -  8 ........ 27 Jun HZWLUG  -  7
27 Apr STCLUG  -  9 ........ 25 May STCLUG  - 11 ........ 28 Jun SECURE  -  9

Figures in parenthesis is actual head count.

Chris volunteered to cross-promote our Security meetings at other local security groups (Infragaurd and ISSA).

Comments on Presentations

June 2006

SLUUG - June 14

  • Base: Master Boot Records by Carl Fitch
    • Pretty good. Lots of interaction.
  • NOT DONE: Secure Email by Dustin Anders and Paul Vinson of Slashmail (via Craig)
  • Main: Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Drives by Craig Buchek
    • Excellent. Outstanding.
    • Not too much feedback during presentation. People said they were busy absorbing content.

STLLUG - June 15

  • Again started main presentation at 7:00 PM. Seems to be working well.
  • Main: SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 by Matt Skipton of Novell (via Lee)
    • Shiny stuff! XGL demo impressed most of us.
    • Good interaction and questions. Lots of excitement.
    • Good preview of the technology. Not terribly in-depth.
    • Will be covering server side this coming month at SLUUG meeting.

STCLUG - June 22

  • Topic: Kids Programming Language (KPL) by Fred Smith
    • Very interesting. Result of DISCUSS conversation.

HZWLUG - June 27

  • New comer topics:
    • Processes and the ps, kill, and top commands
    • CHMOD and the SUID and SGUID permissions
    • Attendees are starting to participate more and ask good questions.

Security - June 28

  • Topic: Basic Linux Security by Clarence Johnson
    • Basic, easy to follow.
  • Looking for for more volunteer presenters.

Presentation Schedule

July 2006

SLUUG - July 12

  • Base: Graylisting with Postgray (Making Spammers Wait) by Carl Fitch
  • Main: Novell SUSE in the Enterprise Space by Matt Skipton of Novell (via Lee)

STLLUG - July 20

  • Installing Ubuntu Linux from a Disk Image by Tony Lovasco of EPC (via Carl Fitch)
  • NOTE: Stan will be out of town - Need someone else to take attendance

HZWLUG - July 25

  • Newbie Topics
    • SUGGESTION: How To Update Your System - pkg, rpm, tar, apt, yum, yast, etc.
  • NOTE: Stan might still be out of town - May need someone else to take attendance

Security - July 26

  • TOPIC: OpenVPN by Mark Buchanon (confirmed)
  • NOTE: Stan might still be out of town - May need someone else to take attendance

STCLUG - July 27

  • TOPIC: Booting Multiple Live CD's from a Single CD-ROM or DVD by Mike Duncan
  • NOTE: Stan might still be out of town - May need someone else to take attendance

August 2006

SLUUG - Aug 9

  • Base: Intro to Metasploit Security Tool by Chris Byrd (TENTATIVE)
  • Main: Something by Scott Granneman (TENTATIVE, via Gary)
    • Get abstract/bio and confirm date.

STLLUG - Aug 17

  • Main: InkScape - Mark Jarnowski (TENTATIVE, via Craig)
    • Get abstract/bio and confirm date.

HZWLUG - Aug 22

  • Newbie Topics

Security - Aug 23

  • Hands-On: Metasploit by Chris Byrd

STCLUG - Aug 24

  • TBD

September 2006

SLUUG - Sep 13

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: Secure Email by Dustin Anders and Paul Vinson of Slashmail (via Craig)

STLLUG - Sep 21

  • Main: TBD

HZWLUG - Sep 26

  • Newbie Topics

Security - Sep 27

  • TBD

STCLUG - Sep 28

  • TBD

October 2006

SLUUG - Oct 11

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: TBD

STLLUG - Oct 19

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: TBD

Potential Presentations

  • Certified Ethical Hacking by Mark Russell of Premier Knowledge (via Tim Cross)
  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Exchange "replacement") - Matthew Porter volunteered (October last year?)
  • Perl Scripts to do DNA Genetic Research by Bryce Meyer from Wiltel/Level 3 (via Gary)
  • OpenVPN by Robert Citek (via ???)
  • SELinux by Stan Reichardt (Not Earlier Than October, If Then)
  • MythTV / Freevo / TiVo - (STLLUG?) - (via Sarah on the Perl list)
  • WiFi - Jerry @ OCI (via Gary)
  • CVS/Subversion - Sanjiv, JT, Ed Howland (via ???)
  • Requests:
    • VPN (hands-on preferred, good for a Security meeting)
    • CVS/Subversion for Config Files
    • Oracle Application Express
    • How To Update Your System - apt, yum, yast, etc.
    • Music - Linux on iPod, iPod on Linux, Ogg, players, etc.
    • Using Secure Email Clients
    • TrueCrypt - file-level encryption for Windows/Linux
    • One-Time Passwords

Weekly Announcements

  • Stan has recently gotten a number of positive comments on Weekly Events mailings.
  • Stan has started experimenting with SED & AWK scripts to automate build.


  • Lee working to send out invoices to previous sponsors. ($200)
  • Clarence and Stan R. will start working to gather information about previous sponsors.
    • Starting with information from the web site.

Website Librarian

  • Presentation topics as far back as 1996 have now been listed.
    • Stan R. indicated that accuracy is not high, but will search additional notes.
    • Stan R. and Ted will continue listing prior years' data as time permits.
    • Stan R. will start adding some of the materials that are smaller.
  • Presentation STL LUG topics are now up to date.
    • Previously stopped after year 2000.
    • Accuracy not high, about 5 months missing.
  • Stan R. working with Ted to get presentations put up.
    • Ted not comfortable with librarian as a title, but the goal remains to gather the materials.
    • Ted has gotten some of the older presentations gathered.
    • Ted's major emphasis will be to focus on getting the material from presenters.
    • We anticipate HTML to be the most desirable format, followed by PDF.

System Administration

  • Spoofing of old email address on DISCUSS mailing list.
    • Mike Knight found old board member names still allowed to post.
    • Porblem has hopefully been resolved.

PROJECT: New servers

  • Need to complete migration to new servers.
  • Chris volunteered to help.
    • Has good Drupal experience.
    • Has done Linux administration.
  • Craig has a 1U UltraSparc with Solaris 10 to donate and install at Primary.

Old Business

  • Missouri Exempt status - (Carl Fitch and Lee Lammert, with help from Fred Smith's wife)
    • Carl has the forms. Working to finish filling them out. Will hand them off to Lee.
    • Gary will take forms to Rich McClennan to get help answering some of the questions.
  • Craig needs to work to write up new membership info.
    • See previous minutes for full details.

New Business

  • Carl MUST submit annual report to the state by July 15 to keep us in business.
    • Carl will have forms filled out by July 12.
  • We seem to be proceeding with dropping dial-up once the current term expires.
    • Stan suggested keeping 1 dial-up line for ememergency access to Wash U systems.
      • Those in attendance agreed that this was a good idea.
    • Lee suggested we drop the dial-up lines on September 30.
      • Gary suggested we give users 90 days notice.
        • The proposal is actually 80 days+.
      • Those in attendance agreed this was a good idea.
  • Mike Knight asked if we should delete suspected spam emails, without letting users see them.
    • It was suggested that it would be good to delete some emails.
      • Those with really high spam scores.
      • It was agreed that Mike could set the threshold to a conservative value of his choice.

Blue Sky

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Carl - MUST complete annual report for state by July 12.
  • Carl - Complete state exempt status paperwork.
  • Chris and Craig - Work on migrating to new servers.
  • Craig - Confirm Dustin Anders and Paul Vinson for September 13 presentation.
    • Tell them to spend at least half the time on client-side (PGP).
    • Get abstract/bio.
    • Follow up at monthly intervals.
  • Craig - Print out meeting minutes for inclusion in secretary folder.
  • Craig - Write up info on membership levels for web site and hand-outs.
  • Lee - Submit treasurer reports.
  • Lee - Finish QuickBooks transfer & financials.
  • Barry - Look into Webmin and Majordomo/Mailmain for new servers.
    • Need to be able to preserve the archives.
  • Gary - Talk to people about presentations (see above).
  • Tim - Contact Mark Russell about presenting at Security group.
  • Stan - Update web sites.
  • Ted and Stan - Upload presentations to web archive.
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