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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - December 2006

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
(at Old Olive and Olive),
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • December 6, 2006
  • 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm


  • Craig Buchek
  • Carl Fitch
  • Lee Lammert
  • Barry Morrison
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Jeff Muse
  • Gary Meyer

Secretary Report

  • Secretary has been remiss in carrying out his duties the past month.
    • Missed last month's meeting due to illness.
    • Has not printed out recent minutes.
    • Has not reviewed or edited November minutes.
  • Secretary will have lots of free time in December to catch up.

Treasurer Report

  • Deposits: $150
    • $100.00 membership - Craig Buchek
    • $10.00 Mike Knight - membership account
    • $40.00 Book Sales
  • Bank Balance $1085.39 (11/30/06)
  • To Deposit: Jim Liengang/S3/$200
  • Pending AP - Wash U still refuses to send a final bill, despite two written notifications of the 10/31 termination date.
    • Looking for assistance from Gary.

Book Sales Report

  • Books were sold but unable to record. Carl loaded wrong drawers, transactions could not be finalized.
  • Carl says he thinks that there were 5 books sold in November.
  • All in-stock books will be sold at half price (or less) going forward.
    • Microsoft titles will be $5.

Membership Report

Nominations Report

  • Nominations needed for February elections
  • Stan R. and Gary M. are on the nominating committee.
  • No updates.

Comments on Presentations

November 2006

SLUUG - Nov 8

  • Base: Cronolog - Effortless Log Rotation by Carl Fitch
    • Pretty good. Improved significantly over the St. Charles version of the presentation.
  • Main: Introduction to Logical Volume Manager (LVM) by Jeff Muse
    • Stan R. worked with Jeff M. on building presentation slides.
    • This tutorial was on a heavy duty topic with 45+ slides.
    • Excellent. Took a bit of time for some folks to "get it", but hopefully most did.

STLLUG - Nov 16

  • Main: Demonstration of Logical Volume Manager (LVM) by Jeff Muse
  • This was a follow-up (part 2) of the SLUUG presentation.
  • Excellent. Covered more difficult LVM concepts, but again, we think most of the audience "got it".

STCLUG - Nov 20

  • Regular date would have fallen on Thanksgiving Day Holiday.
  • TOPIC: Konqueror - the Swiss Army Knife by Carl Fitch
    • Informative. Convinced several GNOME users to try it.


  • Group voted to change name to St. Louis OpenSolaris Users Group (STLOSUG)
  • Will remain as a SLUUG Special Interest Group.
  • TOPIC: Introductory Information
    • What is Solaris? (Solaris 10, Open Solaris, Solaris Express, Nevada)
    • How to get started with Solaris
    • Online resources
  • Carl Fitch collected attendance sheet.

HZWLUG - Nov 28

  • Announced December meeting date change.
  • TOPIC: Konqueror - the Swiss Army Knife by Carl Fitch
    • Great once again. Also covered KIO slaves and SSH.


  • Regular date Nov 22 was one day prior to Thanksgiving Day.
  • UMSL provided pizza.
  • Topic was hands on using SSH.
  • UMSL-Micro Labs closed in December. Consensus was that there will not be a meeting in December.

Presentation Schedule

December 2006

SLUUG - Dec 13

  • Base: Using Impress - Building Presentation Slides by Stan Reichardt
  • Main: Postfix Configuration by Carl Fitch (based on SLUUG new server Postfix config)
  • Carl has book sales cash box; needs to hand it off whenever he's not there.
  • Need to do nominations for February elections.


  • Main: Basics of ZFS File System by Jeff Muse
    • Will include coverage of snapshots (in case you didn't get enough at the last LUG meeting).

HZWLUG - Dec 19

  • Holiday schedule date.
  • The 26 Dec date given last month was wrong, meeting room is reserved for 19 Dec.- Stan R.
  • Topic TBD.
  • Need to do nominations for February elections.

STLLUG - Dec 21

  • Need to determine Holiday schedule date.
  • Base: TBD – open to any volunteers
  • Main: TBD – will probably run some videos from Democracy.
  • Need to do nominations for February elections.


  • UMSL-Micro Labs closed in December. Consensus was that there will not be a meeting in December.
  • No meeting this month.

STCLUG - Dec 28

  • TOPIC: Postfix Configuration by Carl Fitch
  • Carl has confirmed 28th is good for December.
  • Need to do nominations for February elections.

January 2007

SLUUG - Jan 10

  • Base: TBD.
  • MAIN: Certified Ethical Hacking by Mark Russell of Premier Knowledge (via Lee L.)
  • Need to do additional nominations

SOLARIS - Jan 16

  • Hands-on: Installing virtual machines, and using new Solaris process management tools (TENTATIVE)

STLLUG - Jan 18

  • Base: TBD.
  • Main: TBD.
  • Need do final nominations for STL Linux chair.

HZWLUG - Jan 23




STCLUG - Jan 25


February 2007

HZWLUG - Feb 13

  • This early date necessary due to StLC Library Branch scheduling conflicts
  • Election balloting (vote early!)

SLUUG - Feb 14

  • WARNING: Valentines Day - Might cause low attendance
  • Back-to-back meeting this month with STLLUG
  • Official annual SLUUG business meeting
  • Election balloting
  • Lightning Talks are usually done in February at SLUUG

STLLUG - Feb 15

  • Back-to-back meeting this month with SLUUG
  • Election balloting
  • TOPIC: TBD. (Probably Lightning Talks)

SOLARIS - Feb 20

  • Election balloting

STCLUG - Feb 22

  • Election balloting


  • Election balloting

Potential Presentations

  • InkScape by Mark Jarnowski (via Craig) (was STLLUG TENTATIVE)
  • Everything you (N)Ever Wanted to Know About HDTV by Craig Buchek (will work on this to have as a stand-by)
  • Hands-on: IP Filter (ipf) (Solaris group)
  • Contact Mark Russell about presenting at Security group. (via Tim/Ted ?)
  • XGL by Matt Skipton of Novell (via Lee)
  • Perl Scripts to do DNA Genetic Research by Bryce Meyer from Wiltel/Level 3 (via Gary)
  • OpenVPN by Robert Citek (via Stan R.)
  • WiFi - Jerry @ OCI (via Gary)
  • CVS/Subversion - Sanjiv, Ed Howland (via ???)
  • Tech Futures - Railroad guy (via Rich Seibel)
  • Requests:
    • VPN (hands-on preferred, good for a Security meeting)
    • CVS/Subversion for Config Files
    • Oracle Application Express
    • How To Update Your System - apt, yum, yast, etc.
    • Music - Linux on iPod, iPod on Linux, Ogg, players, etc.
    • Using Secure Email Clients
    • TrueCrypt - file-level encryption for Windows/Linux
    • Using One-Time Passwords
    • MythTV / Freevo / TiVo - (STLLUG?) - (via Sarah on the Perl list, or others)
    • Video cards in Linux (Heuris)
    • IBM vs. Sun vs. HP on UNIX


  • Stan R. purged a number of old sponsor icons from SLUUG website.
  • Stan R. created temporary sponsor icon for S3 and added it into rotating image script.
  • Stan R. ran into problem with rotating image script.
    • Depends on URL ending in .com, and UMSL's URL ends in .edu
    • Stan left it as-is, so UMSL's link does not work from the front page.
  • We've gotten several emails from head-hunters.
    • Consensus was that if they're out of town, ignore them.
    • For local companies, request that they sign up as a sponsor.
    • For specific local jobs, we will forward the emails to DISCUSS.
      • Primary criteria will be usefulness to our members.

Website Library

  • Stan R. working with Ted P. to get presentations put up.
  • Ted has gotten some of the older presentations gathered
  • Resources page listing past presentations is up to date.
  • No presentation uploads yet - waiting for migration
  • No progress this month.

System Administration

  • Dark
    • Still having intermittent hardware failures
  • Michelob
  • Defunct WU Dialup hardware
    • Gary will remove it in a few months.
  • Barry will talk to John Hodge about assisting with installing more disk space.
  • Volume of mail is overwhelming Dark.
    • Postgrey has been enabled, which will hopefully reduce volume.

New Servers Project

  • Met at Old Monroe on November 18.
    • Some progress made:
      • Migrated web sites for all SIGs.
        • Only main site (and user pages) remain on old servers.
        • Updated DNS to point at new URLs.
          • Added several aliases for each.
      • Mailing list archives moved off of old server into Mailman on new server.
        • Except for SYSADMIN, which has a different password.
        • Will need to move December arcives over.
      • Drupal installed, but configuration not completed.
      • Mailman installed and tested, but not in production.
      • Postfix installed, configured, and tested, but not in production.
      • DNS configured to be authoratative for our zones, but not in production.
        • NS records do not point at them.
        • Carl suggests putting Bud, Budlight, and Dark as primary NS and EveryDNS as secondaries.
  • Decisions to make:
    • How to migrate email, while allowing users to access email via existing methods.
    • How to migrate mailing lists to Mailman on new server.
  • To complete:
    • Migrate SLUUG main web site.
      • Which can remain on Dark/Michelob, and be migrated to Budlight later.
    • Migrate Chris Byrd's Drupal install over for Security site.
    • Make Bud an admin-only box.
    • Make Budlight a user-accessible box.
    • Need offline (sensitive?) working documentation matrix of machines (for recovery)
      • hostnames and IP numbers
      • functional purpose
      • hardware
      • resources
      • holders of root, sudo
  • Carl wants to implement LDAP on servers eventually.

Other Old Business

Dial-up Lines

  • We were to have Wash U drop the remaining line on October 30.
    • Was request made? Lee sent them a physical letter on 10/20 and 11/20.
    • Still active on 12/04.
    • Was letter lost or misdirected? Send again and call?
    • Gary will follow up.
  • Do we need to yank some equipment?


  • We discussed membership dues in relation to shell accounts.
    • Agreed that there should be 3 levels of voluntary membership dues.
      • $100
      • $70
      • $35
    • Agreed that shell accounts are available in 1 of 2 conditions:
      • User pays voluntary membership dues, OR user attended 2 meetings in the previous calendar year, and pays $10.
      • Craig B. was to write up new membership info on membership levels for web site and hand-outs.
    • Stan R. sent SLUUG membership flier OOo document to Craig B. for updating

New Business

  • Always more to do.

Blue Sky

  • Do we want to consider absentee ballots?
    • We can put up a PDF of the ballot on the web site.
    • Members can mail the ballots to our PO box.
    • Would help increase member participation.
    • Consensus was that this would be fine, as long as it does not violate by-laws.
    • Don't feel the need to advertise this, but it's OK to do that if someone wants to.

Follow-up and Action Items

  • CRAIG: Catch up on minutes.
  • CRAIG: Get updated S3 logo?
  • CRAIG: Get confirmation of LUG presentations from folks.
  • CRAIG: Write up membership stuff.
  • GARY: Follow up on Wash U phone lines.
  • EVERYONE: Get 2 presentations for Lightning Talks in February.
  • BARRY: Talk to John Hodge about assisting with installing more disk space on AIX boxes.
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