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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - April 2007

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
(at Old Olive and Olive),
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • April 4, 2007
  • 6:30 pm -


  • Stan Reichardt
  • Lee Lammert
  • Gary Meyer

Secretary Report

  • Secretary is catching up with things.
    • MARCH - Should have print-outs of things by next month.
    • APRIL -

Treasurer Report

Pending Deposits
From Description Amt
Wayne Molitor $70.00
Phillip Foster $70.00
Bank balance as of 2/28/07 $ 1,1446.36
St. Charles Convention Center  $ 65.05
Small Business Monthly (Booth) $100.00
Total Booth Expense            $165.05

* Still have not received final bill from Wash U yet.

Book Sales Report

  • We had xx booksales and xx membership renewal(s).
Xxxxxxx xxx xxxx
Xxxx Xxxxx - membership
Total income: $xx.xx

Membership Report

  • Attendance for March 2007:
    • Mar 7 - Steercom: 4
    • Mar 14 - SLUUG: 23
    • Mar 15 - STLLUG: 14
    • Mar 20 - Solaris: NO MEETING
    • Mar 22 - STCLUG: 10
    • Mar 27 - HZWLUG: 7
    • Mar 28 - Security: NO MEETING
  • Observations:
    • Two meetings had to be cancelled
    • SLUUG almost double. Had NO publicised Basic topic to draw anybody in.
    • Other attendance numbers were about like last month.
    • HZWLUG disappointing

Mailing List Report

  • Some current mailing list subscriber numbers (approximate):
    • ANNOUNCE - 902
    • DISCUSS - 182
    • STEERCOM - 32
  • Recent ANNOUNCE Problem
    • Had multiple re-transmissions of Events For This Week itme
    • Mike Knight fixed announce-posters file

Presentation Review and Comments

March 2007

SLUUG - Mar 14

  • Base: General Discussion by Various Members ???
  • Main: Zimbra as an Exchange Replacement by Matthew Porter

Excellent but not enuff time. More coming in part 2 in a couple months. Also need some additional background on what is MS-Exchange, why do people use it, why is it a bitch to replace, …??? Perhaps a side-by-side comparison/demo?

STLLUG - Mar 15

  • Base: ???
  • Main: Survey of GUI Email Clients (Craig Buchek)

Very good! Similar comparison talks would be great. Lots of audiance interaction.

SOLARIS - Mar 20

  • Canceled due to multiple conflicts.

STCLUG - Mar 22

  • TOPIC: Karaoke at the Keyboard/Mouse aka Night at the Keyboard
    • Copy of STLLUG Ten-minute Tips (each person sits at the keyboard)
    • Went over very well, with lots of tips, interaction and discussion.

Reminded of our old meetings!!! Great way to share knowledge!!

HZWLUG - Mar 27

  • Temporary change of location to Bridgeton Trails Branch Library.
    • This was necessary due to StLC Library Branch scheduling conflicts.
    • Was in smaller room than previous month, NO reliable WIFI avaliable.
  • TOPIC: Boot Loaders and Partitioning Hard Drives
    • Old Projector working, but not as expected.
      • Might have been Operator Head Space Gap.
      • Couldn not show boot loader activity live.
      • Demo of Live CD MEPIS 6.5RC3 went well.
    • 3 first time attendees.
    • Attendance otherwise low.


  • Canceled at last minute. Clarence Johnson could not be there, NO access without him.

Small Business Expo - Review and Comments

  • St. Louis Business Expo by St. Louis Small Business Monthly
    • March 20, 11:00-6:00
    • St. Charles Convention Center
  • Lee Lammert was in charge of setting up and getting volunteers to man the booth.
  • Steering Committee had approved $200 for booth cost and expenses.
    • We had a booth with two tables and electricity.
    • Wifi was too expensive.
      • Volunteered wireless cell card … we never got it to work because we couldn't get it activated.

Even Verison couldn't check if it was a valid account. Took the owner over an hour to get it to work later.

  • Carl Fitch got some demo computers from EPC.
    • Installed Linux distros: MEPIS, SuSE, Xandros, and Ubuntu on a Mac
  • Novell provide SWAG (Penguins, SLES 10 CDs, etc.)
  • Fred Smith of Old Monroe printed 200 new SLUUG flyers.
  • Also used on hand Linux4Beginner and Password tri-fold flyers.
  • Booth was manned by Lee Lammert, Carl Fitch, Gary McGee, Phil Bunch, Stan Reichardt, Jay Truesdale, and (?)
  • Observations:
    • Center facilities quite nice.
    • Our booth way too small.
    • Carl Fitch can sell free software.
    • Need newer logo on SLUUG sign.

Follow Up

  • New vector format of SLUUG logo is in hand, .. we can print any size sign when we wish.
  • Plan for next year is to negotiate a 10x10 booth, or, at the very least, a corner booth so we can turn the 2nd table out to the side.

Presentation Schedule

April 2007

SLUUG - Apr 11

  • Base: Handcrafting Weekly Events with VIM by Stan Reichardt
    • A few slides and live demonstration of VIM techniques used
    • Requires laptop (using Carl's) and Internet link desirable
  • Main: ZFS by Jeff Muse
    • ZFS is a new kind of filesystem that provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity, and immense scalability. ZFS is not an incremental improvement to existing technology; it is a fundamentally new approach to data management. We've blown away 20 years of obsolete assumptions, eliminated complexity at the source, and created a storage system that's actually a pleasure to use.

SOLARIS - Apr 17


STLLUG - Apr 19


Special Event - Apr 23

  • Richard Stallman lecture at UMSL.
  • TOPIC: Goals of the Free Software Movement.
  • SLUUG and all SIG web pages carry announcement blurb with link to PDF flyer and maps.
  • On the April calendar and will appear in ANNOUNCE Weekly Events.
  • What else can we do to promote this event?

We need to have fliers, signage,etc ??? for the event. gary will ask Sanjiv for permission.

HZWLUG - Apr 24

  • Back at the regular Prairie Commons Branch Library location.


  • TOPIC: Extraordinary SSH Use by Carl Fitch (re-scheduled from last month)

STCLUG - Apr 26


May 2007

SLUUG - May 9

  • Base: TBD.
  • Main: TBD.

SOLARIS - May 15


STLLUG - May 17


HZWLUG - May 22




STCLUG - May 24


June 2007

SLUUG - June 12

  • Base: TBD.
  • Main: Building your own bootable USB drive for troubleshooting

by James Campbell (Bring your laptops & 1GB stick)

SOLARIS - June 19


STLLUG - June 21


HZWLUG - June 26


SECURITY - June 27


STCLUG - June 28



  • Effort should be directed to find new sponsors.
  • No effort means no new sponsors.

System Administration

  • Dark keeps crashing
    • Has slowed down.
      • This supports the overheating theory.
    • Need to quickly move to new systems or replace dark's hardware.
      • Gary had predicted increasing failure rate and to be more than once a day by end of month February.
      • Current System may DIE in APRIL!
      • This project needs emergency priority!
    • Gary was to ask Allen @ Wash U if heat may be a problem!
  • Barry talked to John Hodge about assisting with installing more AIX disk space.
    • Mike Knight reminded all that hardware is issue, not space.
  • Michelob
  • Bud, Budlight - see Server Migration Project below.

Server Migration Project

  • MARCH - Carl fixed (hopefully) the sign-up CGI page to reduce spam.
  • MARCH - Craig has been working on testing email.
    • MARCH - Craig to compare notes with Carl on Postfix configuration.
  • MARCH - Craig has been working on installing and configuring latest Drupal.
  • MARCH - Need to work on getting clients to configure to use IMAP.
  • MARCH - Jeff Muse got Mailman working and tested.
    • MARCH - Craig found a Drupal module for Mailman.
    • MARCH - Will be quick and simple to migrate mailing lists once we move the MX record.
  • MARCH - Craig and Carl were to get together to work on things, but weather and Craig moving got in the way.

Website Library

  • Stan R. and Ted P.
  • No routine presentation uploads yet - waiting for migration
  • No migration means no real progress this month.

MARCH Follow-up and Action Items

  • MARCH - Craig - print out previous minutes.
  • MARCH - Craig - finish up work on email server.
  • MARCH - Craig - get people to test using IMAP to connect to Bud from their email clients.
  • MARCH - Craig - get with Chris Byrd to work on Drupal and other stuff.
  • MARCH - Carl and Craig - get together to work on new servers.
  • MARCH - Gary - get Sun 1U boxes from Craig, and install them at Primary.
  • MARCH - Lee - provide power, food, and drink for those working on servers.

Other Old Business

  • none

New Business

  • none

Blue Sky

  • anything up there?

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Who will do what
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