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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - June 2007

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
(at Old Olive and Olive),
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • June 6, 2007
  • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


  • Carl Fitch
  • Lee Lammert
  • Craig Buchek
  • Barry Morrison
  • John Hodge
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Jeff Urbanec

Secretary Report

  • Secretary needs to catch up with things, especially printing out minutes.

Treasurer Report

  • As of: 4/30/07
  • Bank balance: $ 1275.59
  • Pending deposits: none
  • Pending expenses:
    • Pens - ordered, should be here soon
  • Final bill from Wash U has not been received.
    • Gary provided good address to forward correspondence.
  • Need receipts for expense reimbursements.
    • Gary - domain registration
    • Carl - state registration

Book Sales Report

  • Book sales - none for previous month

Membership Attendance Report

  • Most attendance sheets are available from the web servers.
  • Attendance for May 2007:
    • May 1 - 1st LDAP: 7
    • May 2 - Steercom: 5
    • May 9 - SLUUG: missing attendance sheet
    • May 16 - 2nd LDAP: 5
    • May 17 - STLLUG: missing attendance sheet
    • May 22 - Solaris: 15
    • May 22 - HZWLUG: missing attendance sheet
    • May 24 - STCLUG: missing attendance sheet
    • May 30 - Security: 9

Mailing List Report

  • Some current mailing list subscriber numbers (approximate):
Subscriber numbers
List May June
ANNOUNCE 917 925
DISCUSS 184 190

Presentation Review and Comments

May 2007

SLUUG - May 9

  • TOPIC: How To Create a UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD) by Carl Fitch
    • This was an extended topic – there was no separate tutorial.
    • Reprise of last month's STCLUG presentation.
    • Included discussion of Windows BartPE and Linux both bootable from CD
    • People could follow along if they brought their own Windows XP installation disc.
      • Could use an OEM recovery disc or Windows Server 2003.
    • Good. A bit of hands on.

STLLUG - May 17

  • TOPIC: Ubuntu GNU/Linux by Jay Truesdale
    • Went quickly. Showed off features of latest version of Ubuntu.
    • Covered wireless support in-depth.
  • Craig and Stan were out of town. Carl ran the meeting.

SOLARIS - May 22

HZWLUG - May 22

  • Stan R. was not in town for this meeting. Carl ran the meeting.
  • Covered wireless network config and troubleshooting.
  • The HZWLUG meetings thru November are now listed on
  • Experimenting with listing. Only submitted May meeting so far.

STCLUG - May 24

  • TOPIC: Round-table discussion on various topics.
    • Plenty of contributions from the crowd.


  • TOPIC: Snort and Base by Clarence Johnson
    • Excellent. Will cover in more detail next month.
  • Meeting rescheduled on short notice from May 23rd

Presentation Schedule

June 2007

SLUUG - June 13

  • Base: Public Key Authentication in SSH by Barry Morrison
  • Main: Building a Bootable USB Drive for Troubleshooting by James Campbell (via Lee)
    • People can follow along if they bring their own laptop and 1 GB USB memory stick.

SOLARIS - June 19


HZWLUG - June 19

  • Meeting date tentative - regular Prairie Commons Branch room not available on 26th
    • Still trying to find a location for the regular date.
  • TOPIC: Newbie topics.

STLLUG - June 21

  • TOPIC: Physical Computing with Linux by Jason Burke (confirmed)

SECURITY - June 27

  • TOPIC: Continued Examination of Snort and BASE
  • by Chris Byrd, CISSP

STCLUG - June 28

  • Stan R. updated STCLUG Web site.

July 2007

SLUUG - July 11

  • Base: DSH - Distributed Shell by John Hodge
  • Main: Basic GIMP Usage by Scott Nesler (confirmed, via Craig)

SOLARIS - July 17


STLLUG - July 19

  • TOPIC: Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About HDTV by Craig Buchek

HZWLUG - July 24

  • TOPIC: Newbie topics

SECURITY - July 25


STCLUG - July 26


August 2007

SLUUG - August 8

  • Base: TBD
  • Main: one of the following topics by John Hodge
    • Micro-Partitioning
    • VIO - virtual I/O - sharing network devices on POWER hardware
    • Storage Virtualization on AIX
    • HACMP - High Availability on AIX

STLLUG - August 16


SOLARIS - August 21


STCLUG - August 23


HZWLUG - August 28


SECURITY - August 29



STLLUG - October 18

  • TOPIC: Lotus Notes (Client and Server) on Linux by Tom Bowman of TeamCentric (confirmed, via Craig)

Potential Future Topics

  • DNA, Genes, Viruses, Bioinformatics by Robert Citek
  • Something by Scott Granneman
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5
  • AIX 6 - due out later this year (about November, IBM via John Hodge)


  • Recognition of extended membership levels has not yet been done.
  • Effort should be directed to find new sponsors.
  • No effort means no new sponsors.

System Administration

  • Dark keeps crashing.
    • Waiting for it to not come back up.
    • Work on new servers to replace AIX boxes is moving along rapidly.
  • Security issues
    • Had some accounts compromised.

Server Migration Project

  • Carl and Craig met at Lee's on May 9 to work on migration.
    • Accomplished quite a bit.
      • Got SASL and TLS added to Postfix configuration.
      • Integrated SpamAssassin into Postfix via MailScanner.
        • Grabbed most of the config from Dark.
      • Upgraded version of DokuWiki.
  • Craig rebuilt Bud on May 30.
    • Built per documentation on the wiki.
    • Took about 2 hours on-site to build.
      • Should only have taken 1 hour, but had some incorrect documentation.
    • Took about 1-2 days to get it back to same shape it was before.
  • Carl, Craig, Jeff Muse, Stan, and Lee meeting on June 13 to do more work.
    • Make sure Mailman is working.
    • Make sure mailing lists get archived to web.
    • Make offsite backups work.
      • Scheduled deletion of older backups.
    • Move all SSL cert creation to one place in the docs.
    • Apache for
      • Will use this to migrate users from Michelob to Budlight.
    • Install and configure Drupal for multiple web sites.
      • Integrate Drupal module for Mailman.

Website Library

  • Stan R. and Ted P.
  • No routine presentation uploads yet - waiting for migration.
  • No migration means no real progress this month.

Other Old Business

  • none

New Business


  • It was mentioned that St. Louis Area Computer Club (SLACC) membership was nearly all SLUUG members.
  • Someone asked if perhaps we should give SLACC status as a SLUUG Special Interest Group (SIG).
  • There was little discussion, and agreement that it would make sense to have SLACC as a SIG.
    • It would give SLUUG an official meeting for bringing machines in to install/configure Linux.
  • Craig to make URL
  • Stan to build web page, add links on SLUUG site, and take attendance at SLACC meetings.
  • Craig suggested that the board should hold an official vote, and SLACC should also vote on the issue.

Domain Renewal

  • The domain expires in July.
  • Gary Meyer has put on his credit card.
    • But Whois still shows it expiring on July 10, 2007.

Annual Report to State of Missouri

  • See SLUUG Info on file with State of Missouri.
  • Due by 31 August, Carl saved us $5 last year by filing early.
  • Should we change the "registered agent" shown on the forms?
    • YES: Change to "Stan Reichardt" @ same address as our "corporate headquarters".
    • Should help us receive official hard-copy forms from the state.

Publicity Handouts

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Craig: Ping Robert Citek and Scott Granneman about presentations.
  • Craig: Follow up w/ Tom Bowman of TeamCentric Technologies on Lotus Notes presentation + another.
  • Craig: Follow up w/ Scott Nesler on GIMP presentation.
  • Craig: Set up virtual host to test site on new server.
  • Craig: Print out previous minutes.
  • Craig: Write up info on membership levels.
  • Gary: Get Sun Netra T1/105 (1U) boxes from Craig, install Solaris, and install them at Primary.
  • Gary: Verify that domain has been renewed in Whois.
  • Carl: Print 200 copies each of Hazelwood and Security brochures.
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