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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - July 2007

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
(at Old Olive and Olive),
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • Monday, 16 July 2007
    • The Steering Committee meeting was rescheduled due to Independence Day HOLIDAY.
    • Had previously selected 9 July, but too many couldn't make that date either.
  • 6:30 pm - 8:40 pm


  • Carl Fitch
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Craig Buchek
  • Gary Meyer

Secretary Report

  • Craig printed out previous minutes for the first half of 2007.
    • Carl signed the minutes for inclusion in secretary folder.
    • Craig will review printed minutes to ensure we are not missing any.
  • NOTE: Wireless was down at Bread Co this month, so minutes were not done on-line.
    • Minutes were taken off-line and uploaded to the wiki later.

Treasurer Report

  • Possibly open questions:
    • Status of pens we ordered with our slogan.
    • Final bill from Wash U.
    • Receipts for expense reimbursements:
      • Gary - domain registration
      • Carl - state registration

Book Sales Report

  • None for previous month.

Membership Attendance Report

  • Most attendance sheets are available from the web servers.
  • Attendance for June 2007:
    • Jun 5 - 1st LDAP: 6
    • Jun 6 - Steercom: 7
    • Jun 7 - SLACC: 8
    • Jun 13 - SLUUG: 16
    • Jun 21 - STLLUG: 20
    • Jun 19 - Solaris: 6
    • Jun 26 - HZWLUG: * Canceled *
    • Jun 26 - 2nd LDAP: 6
    • Jun 27 - Security: * Canceled *
    • Jun 28 - STCLUG: 8

Mailing List Report

  • Started including name and link to a sponsor in each weekly ANNOUNCE mailing.
    • Doing in reverse alphabetical order.
      • Have done 5 so far: UMSL-micros, Strategic Staffing, O'Reilly, K&S Pritchard, Hostirian
    • Next up: Graybar, EPC, Computers & Things, then Ajilon.
  • Some current mailing list subscriber numbers (approximate):
List May June July
ANNOUNCE 917 925 900
DISCUSS 184 190 188
STEERCOM 32 32 33
SYSADMIN xx xx 18
  • Mike Knight did some major purging of ANNOUNCE bounces.
  • We can anticipate more reductions when ANNOUNCE is switched to a MailMan list.
    • Due to MailMan automated handling of bounces.

Presentation Review and Comments

June 2007

SLACC - June 7

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

SLUUG - June 13

  • Base: Public Key Authentication in SSH by Barry Morrison.
    • Good.
  • Main: Building a Bootable USB Drive for Troubleshooting by James Campbell.
    • People could follow along if they brought their own laptop and 1 GB USB memory stick.
    • OK. Faced some heckling and hardware problems.
      • Only 1 successful audience member, due mostly to hardware compatibility issues.
      • Presenter seemed to be OK, just ran into too many problems.

SOLARIS - June 19

  • TOPIC: Partitioning, Multi-booting, and Solaris by Jeff Logullo.
    • NO REPORT. Attendance was relatively low.

STLLUG - June 21

  • TOPIC: Physical Computing with Linux on Micro-controllers by Jason Burke.
    • Excellent. Lots of participation and questions from audience.
      • Participation from members who don't often contribute much or attend often.

HZWLUG - June 26

  • Meeting was CANCELED for June.
    • Regular Prairie Commons Branch room was not available on 26th.
    • Tentative meeting date of 19th did not work due to other conflicts.
    • Did not find a suitable alternate location for the regular date.

SECURITY - June 27

  • Meeting was CANCELED for June.
    • Posted to web pages and DISCUSS prior to Noon. Two members still showed up.
    • Scheduled TOPIC was: Continued Examination of Snort and BASE by Chris Byrd, CISSP.
    • Access to UMSL-micro computer center room was not available.

STCLUG - June 28

  • TOPIC: Nothing Planned
    • Old projector not really workable with Carl's laptop.
    • Attendance was relatively low.
    • People split into two rambling discussion groups.

Presentation Schedule

July 2007

SLACC - July 5

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

SLUUG - July 11

  • Base: DSH - Distributed Shell by John Hodge.
  • Main: Basic GIMP Usage by Scott Nesler (confirmed, via Craig).

SOLARIS - July 17

  • TOPIC: SMF - Service Management Facility by Bob Netherton

STLLUG - July 19

  • TOPIC: Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About HDTV by Craig Buchek.

HZWLUG - July 24

  • TOPIC: Review updated HZWLUG Information CD-ROM Disc (Tentative)
  • Plus other unstructured topics requested by Newbie questions

SECURITY - July 25

  • TOPIC: Continued Examination of Snort and BASE by Chris Byrd, CISSP, and Mark Buchanan.
    • Carried over from last month, when room was not available.

STCLUG - July 26


August 2007

SLACC - August 2

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

SLUUG - August 8

  • Base: SFTP by Carl Fitch (Tentataive)
  • Main: one of the following topics by John Hodge. (Stan to follow up w/ John.)
    • Micro-Partitioning
    • VIO - virtual I/O - sharing network devices on POWER hardware
    • Storage Virtualization on AIX
    • HACMP - High Availability on AIX

STLLUG - August 16

  • TOPIC: Podcasting with Audacity by Scott Granneman (via Craig)

SOLARIS - August 21


STCLUG - August 23


HZWLUG - August 28

  • Plus other unstructured topics requested by Newbie questions

SECURITY - August 29



SLACC - September 6

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

SLUUG - September 12

  • Base: TBD

SOLARIS - September 18


STLLUG - September 20


HZWLUG - September 25

  • Varies (Unstructured Agenda)

SECURITY - September 26


STCLUG - September 27



STLLUG - October 18

  • TOPIC: Lotus Notes (Client and Server) on Linux by Tom Bowman of TeamCentric (confirmed, via Craig)


SLUUG - November 14

  • TOPIC: Genetics, DNA, Viruses, Bioinfomatics, etc. (part 1) by Robert Citek (tentative, via Craig)

STLLUG - November 15

  • TOPIC: Genetics, DNA, Viruses, Bioinfomatics, etc. (part 2) by Robert Citek (tentative, via Craig)

Potential Future Topics

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5)
  • CentOS by Tim Dreste
  • AIX 6 - due out later this year (about November, IBM via John Hodge)
  • Another presentation from Tom Bowman at TeamCentric Technologies (via Craig)


  • No change from last month.
  • Recognition of extended membership levels has not yet been done.
    • Craig and Stan to work on membership levels on August 1.
  • Effort should be directed to find new sponsors.
  • No effort means no new sponsors.

System Administration

  • Dark and Michelob were not reachable over a weekend.
    • Gary tracked down problem with bad LAN switch at WU.
  • ISSUE - Storage space on MICHELOB/DARK /home directory
    • Space use at 95% level causing backups to FAIL.
    • One user taking up way too much space.
  • Security issues
    • Thought we had another account compromised - but it wasn't.
  • Historian (Primary) did Emergency maintenance on short notice.
    • Early 4 AM to 7 AM Monday might have caused intermittent problems.
    • Notice posted to web pages and DISCUSS list.
    • No real problems noticed.

Server Migration Project

  • Carl, Craig, Jeff Muse, Mike Knight, Gary, and Lee met on June 13 to do more work.
    • A lot was accomplished:
      • Moved email transport to Bud. Delivery still on Michelob.
      • Mailing lists (except ANNOUNCE) moved to Bud, using MailMan.
      • Mailing list archives moved to Bud.
      • All web access (except users) moved to Bud.
      • Consolidated TLS configurations.
  • Carl, Craig, and anyone else to meet on July 25 to finish remaining work:
    • Migrate ANNOUNCE.
    • Fix problem with mailing list archive listings.
    • Correct mailing list pages to point to new archives.
    • Fix problem Phil reported with mailing list passwords.
    • Make sure docs are up to date.
    • Start migrating individual users.
    • Rebuild Budlight.
    • Get offsite backups working.

Website Library

  • Stan R. and Ted P.
  • Partial migration from Dark to Bud sufficient to start loading presentations.
  • Migration means that we can start making real progress each month.
  • No routine presentation uploads yet.
  • Each website has skeleton presentation page listing topics given to date.


  • A vote was held by the SLACC attendees on July 5.
    • The vote was unanimous to become a SLUUG SIG.
  • Carl needs to speak with Noel about moving the domain website.
  • Craig added URL
  • Stan built a basic web page, added links on SLUUG site and made attendance sheet.

Domain Renewal

  • The SLUUG.ORG domain was to expire on July 10.
  • Gary Meyer renewed it on July 8.
    • Put the charges on his credit card, to be reimbursed by SLUUG.
    • WHOIS query now shows expiration date of 10-Jul-2008.
  • As usual, Dotster's automated renewal did not work.
    • Partly due to credit card expiring.
    • Partly due to auto-renewal not working right after updating credit card info.
    • Craig suggested that we manually renew from now on, and not rely on auto-renewal.
  • Note that it is SLUUG's policy to only renew one year at a time.
    • So we don't lose organizational knowledge of how to do it.

Annual Report to State of Missouri

  • Latest annual report (5 June 2007) is now on file
    • It is still showing old registered agent and address.
    • Change of registered agent would get items from state mailed to a valid address.
    • Changing a registered agent requires the enclosure of a written consent.
    • We need to correct Craig's name and address.
  • We had considered just making a “registered agent change”, but it would cost money.
  • Will make changes next year.

Publicity Handouts

  • Need more copies of Hazelwood and Security brochures.
    • Carl was to print 200 copies of each.
    • Should we ask for volunteer on DISCUSS?
  • Stan talked about improving the brochures we have.
    • Craig talked about his old "newbie packet" idea.
    • Craig and Stan to work on this at their August 1 meeting.

Other Old Business

  • Craig delivered 2 Sun Netra T1/105 (1U) boxes to Jeff Muse.
    • Solaris SIG should to install Solaris (or other OSes) on them and install them at Primary.

New Business

  • BBS account renewal cycle for July 2007 to June 2008.
    • We need to get our membership levels documented first.
      • To be completed by Craig and Stan on August 1.
      • This will likely push our cycle back 1 month.
    • Then treasurer will send out notices and bills, etc.
  • August 3-5 is Missouri's tax holiday, which includes computers.
    • EPC is having a big sale on August 4.
      • We'd like to send some SLUUG folks with brochures to that event.
      • Carl to contact EPC to see about us handing out brochures.
  • Scott Nesler ran stats on his web site on afternoon before his presentation.
    • He got 52 hits from the link we posted on ANNOUNCE in 4 hours.
    • By Friday afternoon, after posing to DISCUSS, he had 79 hits.
    • This seems like an excellent response rate for a mailing list of 900 members.

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Stan: Follow up w/ John Hodge to finalize August 8 presentation topic.
  • Craig: Find presentation for August STLLUG.
  • Craig: Get w/ Jeff Muse to get help fixing mail web archive.
  • Craig and Carl: Work on new servers - July 25.
  • Carl: Speak w/ Noel about SLACC web site.
  • Carl: Call EPC about us being there.
  • Carl: Set up cron job to look into submitting annual report.
    • Change registered agent to Stan or someone, if he becomes a registered agent.
    • Correct Craig's name and address.
  • Craig and Stan: Meet on August 1 to work on membership issues, brochures, newbie packet.
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