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Transition from michelob and dark to bud and budlight

Status update 03/07/2008

As was previously announced SLUUG's bud server was reloaded on 03/02/08 because it had been compromised again. While it is not certain, the appearance is that entry might have been by one or more unused accounts. One possibility is that these accounts had weak passwords that hadn't been changed as required after the previous security problems. As a result of this, login to bud has been disabled pending further security planning. You can still access bud from your mail client to retrieve mail via POP or IMAP, with the encrypted protocl recommended. You can also send mail via bud using your mail client the same as before.

While the budlight and michelob servers were not affected this time, there is no reason to assume they are immune. Please logon to budlight and michelob, and change your password on them. Since login to bud is disabled, you can't change your password there. Use good sense to use different passwords on each system. Use seomething not easy to guess, not in the dictionary, at least eight characters long, include combinations of letters/numbers/symbols, etc.

It was previously announced that mail was not working on budlight. This was resolved a while back, so mail can be sent from budlight by programs, personal web site applications, and local mail clients such as mutt. Since bud is the main mail server, mail sent from budlight will be routed to bud for delivery, and the default return address will be, so replies will go to your inbox on bud. Budlight is configured to not receive mail. If you have a mail client on a home system, such as Thunderbird or Outlook, it should use bud.

Status update 02/25/2008

Sending mail when logged onto budlight is working. If you have web pages, cron jobs, etc. that send mail to a different system, they will should work normally. Mail sent from budlight will be identified as coming from by default, and all incoming mail should be sent to or The configuration of budlight is for it not to accept incoming mail, and your inbox is on bud, which can be accessed by POP or IMAP using many mail clients, including "mutt". Access to the bud server is limited to mail, and bud is not intended for normal user login activities.

The default editor on Linux systems, such as budlight, appears to be "nano" instead of "vi", so other commands that invoke the editor will probably invoke the wrong one if you normally use vi. The solution modify your shell's profile script, such as ".profile" to set the EDITOR variable to vi, for example, "EDITOR=vi".

Status update 02/03/2008

Because of the failure of SLUUG server dark, the production work of michelob and dark has been moved. The home directories and personal web sites have been moved to The sites are enabled and still viewed via or just plain Please confirm that you can log in to as soon as possible to verify your account still works and that your home directory is intact. If you have a personal web site, try to access it with your favorite browser, especially if you use any advanced web functions such as server side scripting.

All mail is now at The set up on bud includes smtp auth to enable sending mail through bud from anywhere, secure pop and imap using your favorite mail client. For tips on how to change your mail client please see Look for the Mail Setup link near the middle of the page. If you have a mail client that we don't have directions for, please put instructions up for the next person. If you can't get it to work contact one of the officers or send and e-mail (through another mail server) to

If you haven't read your mail on michelob since the problems on 01/30, you might want to read your inbox on michelob one last time to get any mail still there. Crontab files on michelob were not copied to budlight, so you will need to do that yourself and make changes as needed.

Your SLUUG e-mail is unchanged, and others can still send mail to your account using or If you post to mailing lists, you might need to make sure your "From:" address matches the address you subscribed with. You can check your "From:" address by sending a test note to yourself. If you are subscribed to mailing lists using or, or anyone else sends mail to you using those addresses, you will need to have them use instead.

The loss of dark was the result of a power surge the evening of 01/29. We tried to get dark working, but determined it was not a reasonable option. During the evening of 01/30, we moved the remaining functions of michelob and dark to bud and budlight. Home directories were copied to budlight based on a backup made at 0245 Tuesday 01/29.

There is a copy of home directories on michelob from a backup made 0345 01/28, but due to space limitations some large files are not on michelob. Home directories on michelob were initially read-only during the recovery process, but are now read/write. This is intended to to help with the transition to budlight and to allow you to verify on of home directories to budlight is complete and accurate. The production functions of michelob (user mail, mailing lists, and other user activities) have been moved to bud (user mail and mailing lists) or budlight (personal web sites and other user activities), and michelob will be replaced or shut down in the future. No backups are being done of home directories on michelob.

We are moving from systems with commands and features that are as old as 1999 to systems with more modern commands or new revisions of the same commands, so there are some differences in how things operate. General information about differences that have been found is documented at The starting point for documentation, including mail client configuration is at These might move in the future, but no change is planned at this time.

One thing that is known to not work on budlight at this time is sending mail when logged onto budlight. This does not affect people sending mail through bud using mail clients from a home computer, such as using Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. If you have web pages, cron jobs, etc. that send mail to a different system, they will probably not work at this time.

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