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Budlight - Storage box

This box is an OpenSuSE Box. This is not the original budlight. Nor will it resemble or function like the original budlight. Its primary and only role will be for backups, and storing images for the vhosts.

IBM x345 - 1x2.8 xeon (32bit), 4G RAM 2x 73G u320 - mirrored 4x 300G u320 - Software RAID 6 NFS share Dual NIC, additional PCI NIC, additional LVDS/SCSI 160 controller

Net Install

  • Use defaults
  • Desktop selection - Other, Minimal Server Selection (Text Mode)
  • Suggestion Partition -
    • Select Use btrfs as default Filesystem
    • Unselect Propose Separate Home Partition
    • "Create Partiton Setup"
    • Select OS Array (first disk 69G
    • "Use entire hard disk"
    • Verify all drives are selected and only "Use Btrfs as default Filesystem" is select for Proposal settings
  • Create New User
    • User's Full Name - build
    • Password -
    • Unselect "Use this password for system administrator", "Automatic Login", Be sure SHA-512 is encryption method
  • Root Password -
  • Installation Settings/Summary
    • Booting - Boot from MBR and /boot should be enabled
    • Firewall and SSH
      • SSH service should be enabled
    • Select Software
      • Select "YaST System Administrator" and "File Server"
      • patterns-openSUSE-webyast-ws and patterns-openSUSE-webyast-ui (be sure that webyast-base-ws is selected for install)
  • Install, Install

After reboot

  • Rename host - budlight (yast - Network Devices - Network Settins)
  • Configure S/W RAID array using YaST - System - Paritioner
    • Format each Hard Disk to Linux RAID (no need to format to a specific FS)
      • goto RAID - Add new Array with all Drives
      • Chunk Size - 256K This drive will be used for storage of disk images (should be rounded to the MB) and archives only.
      • Format BtrFS, Mount Point /srv/storage
      • Add a Subvolume - @/home, @/images, @/backups
      • Enable support for quota (install if necessary)

This is the basic config. As further details are built this will be updated. It is likely we will use CIFS for storage.

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