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SLUUG Hardware Refresh December 2011 Project

***Work In Progress - 21DEC11***

St. Louis Unix User's Group has hardware at 3 various sites. We would like to isolate machines dedicated to various functions such as production email, member sites, and development servers.

This image shows planned layout, and current layout to best knowledge.

Our current layout includes a lot of machines that are deployed. These machines are of various unix based platforms. At the time these machines are beggining to fail, or are way behind on maintenance. It is also wanted that we stabilize our members server and re-enable some of the "fun" features. Currently Contegix has kindly provided us a Virtual Private Server that we are using as our production web, mail, and DNS host. We want to allow this server to be dedicated to this function. We would like to have a development environment to test patching or stage new solutions prior to implementing on the production server.

The planned layout utilizes one deployed Xen 3.2 box adds a heavier Dell PE2850 with Xen 4 as well as a storage box. These three boxes will be configured to provide an Infrastructure As A Service environment. This means we can pull guest as needed, and also maintain guests at a constant. Ideally this will have a comfortable web based front end for management, and of course be based on F/LOSS solutions. Currently it there is a passion to use OpenSuSE 12.1. This will provide a very current platform which is attractive to most new *nix users, and provides for some seemingly slick management features.

Xen Managment Front-Ends Considered -


OpenStack has proven to be fairly complicated to configure. This might be a long term project.


Convirtue has a sort of (or over sighted) dependency on python 2.6. It doesn't appear to like python 2.7. There could be something other that I missed.


OpenNebula is just right.. so far.. Work In Progess

Step One - Configure the Hardware

*Dell PE2850 - xenpri1

2x 15k 73G - H/W RAID 1 OS - OpenSuSe 12.1
4x 10K 146G - H/W RAID 10 - total 246GB of storage - allows for 4VM@60G w/2G RAM
12G RAM Dual proc (xeon 2.8Ghz SL8MA)

*IBM x325 xenpri0

2x 10K 146G - H/W RAID 1 - OS Debian 6.0.3 allows for 3VM@30G w/1.5G RAM
6G RAM, dual Proc (AMD Opteron 246)

*IBM x345 budlight

2x 10K 73G - H/W RAID 1 - OS OpenSuSe 12.1
4x 10K 300G - S/W RAID 6 - 550G of storage
4G RAM, single Xeon Proc

All Drives are U320 Drives

*Spare Dell PE 2850 5x 300G SAS Drives
4G RAM, Single Proc (may have two soon)

Step Two - Load the OS's

Step Three - Configure Software

***Work In Progress - 21DEC11***

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