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Joining SLUUG

Sign Up on our mailing lists. You do not have to be a member or attend any meetings.

Base Membership

SLUUG general information handout (with account application form)

SLUUG Annual Supporting Membership Form

Overview of Basic User Account

Attend two meetings each calendar year (general or SIGs)
Pay annual fee - $10 or more
You get *nix user shell account
  * login access via ssh 
  * choice of shell - bash (dfault), csh, others have to be installed.
  * CLI - command line interface
  * email account address
  * email account access
    by local CLI **mail**
    by remote clients
       Using pop3 or secure pop3
       or imap or secure imap

Greater detail about Membership Levels

Mail Setup

On this page you can find information on how to configure your local mail client to access mail from your SLUUG membership account on our mail server. Using the new mail servers must be enabled by a system admin on a request basis until we have honed out the bugs. Once the system has become stable all users will be migrated.

Server Access and Use

Accessing and using servers for shell commands, transferring files, web page maintenance, etc.

Personal Pages

Creating your own web pages using your SLUUG account.

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