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SLUUG Steering Committee Minutes - September 2007

NOTE: Minutes posted on the wiki are always unofficial. Schedules for upcoming presentations are always tentative. (Some more tentative than others!)


Saint Louis Bread Company,
(at Old Olive and Olive),
10550 Old Olive Street Road,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Date and Time

  • Wednesday, 5 September 2007
  • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


  • Craig Buchek
  • Carl Fitch
  • Lee Lammert
  • Stan Reichardt
  • Gary Meyer

Secretary Report

  • Printed out minutes for July and August.

Treasurer Report

  • Previous Balance: $1233.32 as of 7/31/07
  • Money in: 0.00
  • Payables:
    • 139.89 National Pen
    • 100.00 Small Business Expo Booth
  • Open issues:
    • New IRS reporting requirement
      • We will (likely) have to file a form 990-EZ for the 2007 tax year.
    • Final bill from Wash U. - need to complete reply
    • Receipts for expense reimbursements:
      • Gary - domain registration
      • Carl - state registration

Book Sales Report

  • No book sales last month
  • Is it time to eliminate remaining books?
    • Unanimous agreement of attendees that we should.

Membership Attendance Report

  • Most attendance sheets are available from the web servers.
  • Added an Attendance (Sign In Sheets) page to the Resources drop down menu on the SLUUG website.
  • Attendance for August 2007:
    • Aug 1 - Steercom: 5
    • Aug 2 - SLACC: 10
    • Aug 7 - 1st LDAP: No meeting in Aug
    • Aug 8 - SLUUG: 36
    • Aug 15 - 2nd LDAP: No meeting in Aug
    • Aug 16 - STLLUG: 31 (32)
    • Aug 17 - Solaris: No meeting in Aug
    • Aug 22 - Security: No meeting in Aug
    • Aug 23 - STCLUG: 17
    • Aug 28 - HZWLUG: 11
  • Attendance was strong again this month!

Mailing List Report

  • We have migrated most lists from Majordomo on Michelob to MailMan on Bud.
    • USERS and non-SLUUG lists are only remaining lists to migrate.
  • Some current mailing list subscriber numbers (approximate):
List May Jun Jul Aug Sep
ANNOUNCE 917 925 900 915 885
DISCUSS 184 190 188 190 190
STEERCOM 32 32 33 32 32
SYSADMIN xx xx 18 18 18
  • Blocking of mailing list attachments not completely configured yet.
  • Jeff added icon package that show up on list search results screen.
  • ANNOUNCE mailing list.
    • Still no volunteer editor to do a Quarterly or monthly newsletter.
    • Craig configured list so that postings from non-subscribers are automatically dropped.
    • Any postings from subscribers must be manually released.
    • Added Gary Meyer as monitor capable of releasing items, but his default address won't work.
    • About 24 subscriptions suspended due to excessive bounces.
      • Most had been suspended for more than two weeks.
      • System did not seem to reuse, so Stan manually unsubscribed them.
    • Latest weekly ANNOUNCE EVENTS mailing sent out on 2 September.
      • Continued including name and link to a sponsor in each mailing.
      • Have done all sponsors shown on our SLUUG sponsors page in roughly reverse alphabetical order.
      • Started sending in alphabetical order.

Review and Comments

August 2007

SLACC - August 2

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

Event at EPC - August 4

  • August 3-5 was Missouri's Tax Holiday, which includes computers.
  • EPC Missouri Tax Holiday sale on August 4 allowed us tables.
  • Carl F. - Led effort at EPC.
    • Gary McKee and Phil Bunch helped out a lot.
    • EPC printed our brochures for us to hand out.
    • Handouts included newly created St. Charles LUG brochure on GNU/Linux resources.
  • On Saturday we had some SLUUG folks demonstrating applications.
    • Focus was on how to use GNU/Linux and Open Source applications.
  • Gary Meyer and Stan R. helped Carl F. shutdown tables.
  • Burned a lot of CDs to hand out on demand.

SLUUG - August 8

  • Base: SFTP by Carl Fitch
    • Slides messed up due to projector scaling.
  • Main: Technology Since 1968 by Scott Granneman
    • Went way over normal time, but enjoyed by all.
    • Excellent as usual.

STLLUG - August 16

  • Q&A: Little response, no current events brought up (not even SCO decision).
  • TOPIC: Podcasting with Audacity by Scott Granneman
    • Door prizes by SylLogisteks - iPOD won by Robert Citek. Lesser prizes awarded as "boobie prizes".
    • Very good.

SOLARIS - August 21

  • CANCELED - Usual room not available per Jeff Logullo.

SECURITY - August 22

  • CANCELED - Summer Hiatus

STCLUG - August 23

  • TOPIC: xrdp: An Open Source Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Server by Tony Lovasco of EPC
    • Good - lots of audience participation.

HZWLUG - August 28

  • TOPIC: Whatever the newest person wants to talk about.
  • Several new folks. Broke into a couple smaller groups.
  • Covered X over SSH.

Presentation Schedule

September 2007

HOLIDAY - September 3

  • Labor Day

SLACC - September 6

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.
  • Might be available for OpenSolaris Installation and/or Configuration Workshop.

SLUUG - September 12

  • Note - Red Hat Seminar at Westport Plaza (8:45-12:30)
    • Stan invited the local Red Hat rep (and other folks) to come to the SLUUG meeting that night.
  • BASE: Rsyncing System Files with Root Permissions by Carl Fitch
  • MAIN: APV (Advance POWER Virtualization) Overview by John Hodge

SOLARIS - September 18

  • TOPIC: DTrace by Jeff Muse (Tentative)

STLLUG - September 20

  • TOPIC: ZoneMinder - Linux video camera security and surveillance by Simon Amies (via Carl)
  • Craig will not be able to attend; Carl will MC.

HZWLUG - September 25

  • Plus other unstructured topics requested by Newbie questions

SECURITY - September 26


STCLUG - September 27

  • TOPIC: TBD. Something possibly by John Pitney.

October 2007

St. Louis Small Business Expo - October 2

  • At St. Charles Convention Center - 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    • SLUUG will have a booth again.
    • Should we have small table space for our sponsor brochures, business cards and other materials?
    • Should we have sign touting SLUUG sponsorships for $200 and $300 per year?
    • Advance planning seminar - Frontenac Ces & Judy's, 15:30 - 17:00 on September 12
      • Seminar to teach you how to get the most out of your booth.
  • Carl will talk to EPC about providing some machines.
  • Need someone to organize volunteers.
  • Need someone to organize moving tables and other furniture in and out.

SLACC - October 4

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

STL County Library - October 6

  • First Saturday in October, annual event.
  • Meeting rooms must be scheduled for next year.

HOLIDAY - October 8

  • Columbus Day

SLUUG - October 10

  • Base: SmartMon Tools (Monitoring Hard Drive Health) by Carl Fitch

SOLARIS - October 16


STLLUG - October 18

  • TOPIC: Lotus Notes (Client and Server) on Linux by Tom Bowman of TeamCentric (confirmed, via Craig)

SECURITY - October 24


STCLUG - October 25

  • TOPIC: Joomla by Mike Ward (confirmed, via Carl)

HZWLUG - October 30

  • Plus other unstructured topics requested by Newbie questions
  • NOTE: 5th Tuesday because of Library schedule conflict.

November 2007

SLACC - November 1

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

HOLIDAY - November 12

  • Veterans Day (Observed).

SLUUG - November 14

  • TOPIC: Genetics, DNA, Viruses, Bioinfomatics, Epigenetics, etc. (part 1) by Robert Citek (TENTATIVE, via Craig).
  • NOTE: Back-to-back meeting dates.

STLLUG - November 15

  • TOPIC: Genetics, DNA, Viruses, Bioinfomatics, Epigenetics, etc. (part 2) by Robert Citek (TENTATIVE, via Craig).
  • NOTE: Back-to-back meeting dates.

STCLUG - November 19

  • NOTE: Monday date scheduled due to 4th Thursday falling on Thanksgiving.
  • TOPIC: PHP-Nuke and other PHP Apps by Scott Nesler (confirmed, via Carl).

SOLARIS - November 20


HOLIDAY - November 22

  • Thanksgiving Day

HZWLUG - November 27

  • Plus other unstructured topics requested by Newbie questions

SECURITY - November 28


December 2007

SLACC - December 6

  • Linux Configuration Workshop - No presentation.

SLUUG - December 12

  • BASE: TBD.
  • MAIN: All About Google by Scott Granneman (CONFIRMED, via Stan R.)

SOLARIS - December 18


HZWLUG - December 18

  • Plus other unstructured topics requested by Newbie questions.
  • NOTE: On the 3rd Tuesday because Christmas Day is on 4th Tuesday.

STLLUG - December 20


HOLIDAY - December 25

  • Christmas Day

STCLUG - December 27


Potential Future Topics

  • Demo/Using Scribus by Stan Reichardt.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5)- still looking for volunteer (via Craig).
  • Untangle Gateway Platform (instead of CentOS Linux) by Tim Dreste (Tentatively October, via Stan R).
  • AIX 6 - due out later this year (about November, IBM via John Hodge)
  • Another presentation from Tom Bowman at TeamCentric Technologies (via Craig)
  • Building a modern kernel by Ed Howland.
  • Using git by Ed Howland.
  • Linux(xBSD, etc) on Wireless. (Suggested by Ed Howland)
    • Part 1: Theory and operation of wireless networks.
      • The 802.11 stack (relevant protocols).
      • Descriptions of terms, expansion of alphabet soup.
      • Security (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
      • Network types (ad-hoc, infrastrucure).
      • Modes (ad-hoc, managed, master, monitor).
      • Packet Types (management, data frames, beacons, probes).
    • Part 2: Practical Linux Wireless configuration.
      • Cards, compatibility.
      • NDISWrapper and native (devicescape stack).
      • Drivers
      • Tools (using wpa_supplicant).
      • Network Monitor
      • Wireshark sniffing.


  • Some old information has:
    • Annual sponsorship as $200 for Businesses and
    • $300 for Large Enterprise Corporations. This amount show on sluuginfo.pdf (18 April 2007) handout.
    • The $300 amount not viable, so sponsorships are $200.
    • Stan will purge any $300 amount from web site and forms.
  • Have the current paying sponsors been asked to renew (with payment)?
    • Ajilon (Stan to follow up)
    • S3 - Strategic Staffing Solutions (Craig to follow up)
  • Potential sponsors
    • SyllogisTeks - Susan Smith
    • Sun - Jeff Logullo
    • IBM - (John Hodge may have a contact)
    • Red Hat - Clark Smith (Craig to follow up)
    • Novell / SuSE - Matt Skipton
  • We should review them once or twice annually and establish an end date on recognition.
  • We in fact recognize multiple entities as sponsors due to community support or services in kind.
    • EPC - STLLUG Installfest, STL BusExpo hardware use & handout printing support, SLUUG discount.
    • Computers & Things - STLLUG Installfests, STCLUG projector & STL BusExpo printing support.
    • Graybar - SLUUG general meeting site.
    • Hostirian - New server hosting.
    • K&S Pritchard Enterprises - Hosted STLLUG web pages thru to Spring 2007.
    • O'Reilly - discount book arrangement (now moot - suggest removing).
    • Law Offices of Rich McLennen - legal services as needed.
    • UMSL-MicroLabs - The St. Louis Security Group meeting lab area.
  • Should Omnitec be recognized as a sponsor?
    • Stan suggested that we add Omnitec as an official sponsor.
      • Omnitec has been providing services in kind commensurate with other sponsors.
      • All attending were in favor (except Lee, who abstained)
    • Working on logo for SLUUG website rotating front page display (Stan R.)
  • New Sponsor - SyllogisTeks
    • They have been providing door prizes and paying room fee for STLLUG meetings.
    • They were to have mailed a sponsorship check for $200.
    • Working on logo for SLUUG website rotating front page display (Stan R.)
    • Attendees were in favor of adding logo to our site before receiving money.
  • Possible Sponsor - pcMemoryStore
    • Wanted to provide member discounts in lieu of $200 annual (per Lee).
    • Not sure it makes financial sense.
    • We decided to make it a benefit for our members.
    • Attendees voted 3-0-2 (for-against-abstain) to make them a sponsor in kind for discounts.
    • Lee will follow up w/ PC Memory Store.
      • Need to get coupon code from them.
    • Stan will add to Sponsors page when we get coupon code.
  • Need sign about sponsoring our group for booth/table display at meetings and trade shows.
  • More effort should be directed to find new sponsors.
    • No effort means no more new sponsors.

Server Migration Project

  • Work left to do:
    • Make sure docs are up to date.
      • Add documentation telling users how to configure mail clients to use Bud.
      • Started documenting client email configurations, to help users migrate.
      • See users and mail_setup pages.
    • Start migrating individual users.
      • Make sure we have documentation on what we need to migrate.
    • Rebuild Budlight.
      • Carl may rebuild using virtual machines.
    • Craig - Work on finishing server builds.
      • Document changes to PAM to correct MAIL variable. (Craig)
      • Get offsite backups working.
      • Put SSH host keys on web page.
      • Work with Ed Wehner to migrate gateway-l and archrivals lists.
      • Migrate USERS mailing list.
  • Other work to do:
    • Jeff working on virus scanning
    • Craig working on Drupal

Website Library

  • Stan R. and Ted P.
  • Partial migration from Dark to Bud sufficient to start loading presentations.
  • Each website has skeleton presentation page listing topics given to date.
  • No routine presentation uploads yet.


  • Carl spoke with Noel about moving the domain website.
    • Noel will send Carl the access code to transfer registration.
    • The registration is paid up until 2009.
    • Noel asked that we allow current email users to keep their email addresses.

Membership (and Shell Accounts)

  • The membership form was approved, with some minor changes.
  • The membership wiki page was approved, after making changes suggested last month
  • Membership drive
    • Membership drive will start in September.
    • Carl mentioned it at SLUUG meeting.
    • Lee to order CafePress items ASAP to have some membership gifts on-hand.
      • We had approved $150 last month.
    • Stan to add CafePress link to SLUUG web site when we get info.
    • Stan to link new membership page into SLUUG web site.
  • It was suggested that we use Scott Nessler's logos.
    • We should ask Scott.
    • We should post the choices to STEERCOM for voting to make it official.

Other Old Business

  • What did we forget about?

New Business

Blue Sky

  • Is it still up there?
    • Unknown, it is raining and overcast today. (the sky is falling!!!)

Follow-up and Action Items

  • Jeff - Seek assistance from AIX gurus to see if we want to set up his box.
  • Lee - Follow up drafting reply to Wash U.
  • Lee - Place CafePress order ASAP. (DONE)
  • Lee - Follow up w/ PC Memory Store and get coupon code from them.
  • Craig - Email Clark Smith @ Red Hat about getting someone to present on RHEL5, and $200 sponsorship.
  • Craig - Email Jim Leingang @ S3 about $200 sponsorship.
  • Craig - Ask Brian Button / Kyle Cordes about XP-STL / SLUUG joint meeting.
  • Craig - Follow up w/ Tom Bowman of TeamCentric about October 18 meeting.
  • Carl - Follow up w/ Scott Nessler about PHP-Nuke at STCLUG.
  • Carl - Follow up w/ John Pitney about future STCLUG presentation.
  • Stan - Add Omnitec and Syllogistek as sponsors.
  • Stan - Send info on Bob Nelson (Ubuntu advocate) to Carl and Craig.
  • Stan - Ask Ajilon about continuing $200 sponsorship.
  • Stan - Follow up w/ Clarence and Chris Byrd to get topic for Security meeting.
  • Stan - Follow up with Tim Dreste about a presentation.
  • Gary - Prepare Sun E250 for potential use.
  • Gary - Turn in receipt for domain registration.
  • Gary - Organize October 2 event at Small Business Expo.
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